Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Woman allegedly raped in Dimapur; 2 arrested

Dimapur, May 4: Even as the lockdown is in force in Dimapur, criminals continue to commit crimes against women.
In a latest incident of crime against women in Dimapur, a 34-year old woman was allegedly raped on the evening of April 28 last by two persons and later dumped outside a shop at Netaji Colony, Dimapur, according to a delayed report received here.
Sources said that two persons accused of rape have been arrested by the police.
Sources said that one of the alleged rapists, identified as Asish Ghosh, who is the neighbour of the victim, picked her up at around 6 p.m. on April 28 last when she was returning home from market. She was also carrying cash amounting to Rs 6000, which was her mother’s pension money.
According to a person who has been closely monitoring the development of the case, Asish wrapped his arms around the victim, covering her mouth and nose with intoxicants when she was entering a lonely corridor near her house. She was then led to the premises of a nearby club where Asish was joined by the accomplice Samuel (Shymal) Yep, where the crime was committed, the source told Nagaland Page.
Later, the duo dumped the victim outside a shop near her home and fled. The people noticed her and took her to her home.
The victim, who is also the mother of a child, also sustained severe physical injuries.
In this regard, an FIR was registered on April 30 at Women Police Station, Dimapur and both the culprits were taken into custody. The police recovered her clothes from the crime spot. Her mobile and cash are yet to be recovered till the time of filing this report.
When contacted police sources did not comment on the incident. (Page News Service)