Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Withhold post pension benefits to officers under vigilance probe: PDR


Dimapur, December 27: The People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has appealed to the Government of Nagaland to withhold all post pension benefits to those officers who are under investigation by the State Vigilance Commission probing irregular appointments in the Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection (LMCP) Department and Tourism Department.
In a press release, the PDR informed that the current Head of Department of LMCP and former Commissioner & Secretary of Tourism Department but now transferred to Sericulture Department are also under investigation and they will be retiring in 2019.
The PDR said it is making the appeal to the State Government since it is the practise of the Government to issue release order of a Government servant months ahead of retirement so that pension papers and other retirement papers could be processed in advance.
“In the event, the officers get the release order, then it would be as good as the government almost giving them a clean chit while the Vigilance is still investigating cases involving them. Therefore, any such release order should be with the condition that their post pension benefits be withheld until the ongoing case involving them is cleared. If the government discreetly issues the release order without such condition then the government would be absolving them of high degree practice of nepotism in appointment, promotion, regularization and breaking all laid down rules of various government orders,” it said.
Strongly urging the State Government to withhold their pension benefits until their case is cleared by the State Vigilance, the PDR said if the release order has already been issued to them without the conditions then the same may be rectified.
The PDR also warned that in the event the Vigilance inquiry becomes unsatisfactory or appears to have shown leniency to any officers, it would not hesitate to take appropriate legal recourse.
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