Withdraw RIIN notification: NMA

Withdraw RIIN notification: NMA

‘Extend ILP to Dimapur’

Dimapur, July 16: The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has also expressed deep concern over the State Government notification on RIIN, stating that it needs larger discussion within the State legislature as well as with various stakeholders before an immediate implementation is taken.
In a press release, NMA said the backlash of Assam’s NRC needs to be taken into perspective, so that a larger awareness and public discourse and sensitization is done before RIIN is undertaken.
“As Naga women and mothers, we are equally concerned for the future and protection of the rights of our younger generation, but not at the cost of stifling public discourse and consultations, which is the inherent right of indigenous people of the state,” it said.
The NMA demanded that the Government notification on RIIN be withdrawn and public consultation be held without any preconditions on RIIN, recognizing the rights of indigenous people to determine what is best for the people.
“Pressures from the Central Government for early implementation, be it in the form of NRC or RIIN, should not over ride the age old democratic process of consultations, both at the state and grassroot levels for such policies, in the interest of indigenous people of the state,” it said.
ILP: The NMA also placed on record that it had supported the stand of many other public organizations for extension of the ILP over Dimapur, to check illegal immigrants/migrants into the state. It expressed surprise that while successive committees set up the State Government has recommended the extension of the ILP to Dimapur and foothill areas, the State Government has not implemented these recommendations till date and instead issued a notification for almost a census like exercise in the form of RIIN.
The NMA demanded that the extension and implementation of the ILP at the earliest to Dimapur and foothill areas, with mechanisms enumerated in successive committee reports. (Page News Service)