Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Withdraw mandatory vax order: AIM Kohima to Govt.

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DIMAPUR, JULY 24: Awaken India Movement (AIM) Kohima, Nagaland Chapter, has demanded the Government of Nagaland to withdraw the mandatory vaccination for Government employees, school teachers and inter-district travels. It also demanded ban on AstraZeneca (Covishield) and any other COVID vaccines until efficacy is proven.

The demands were made in a memorandum addressed to Nagaland Chief Secretary. The memorandum was planned to be submitted through the DC Kohima office after a peaceful demonstration Saturday afternoon at Old MLA Hostel Junction, Kohima, but State authorities stopped the demonstration from going ahead.
A copy of the memorandum made available to the media reminded the State Government that the Union Health & Family Welfare has declared that COVID vaccine is not mandatory but voluntary. It, however, lamented that the Government of Nagaland through various notifications have issued certain stipulations to Nagaland’s citizens that unless vaccinated there will be restrictions of inter district travel and non-payment of salary.
“These orders call for mandatory vaccination which violates direction given by the office of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. Now at this juncture many people are apprehensive about the efficacy of the vaccines and are determined not to take it. As vaccination is made mandatory as per this impugned Notification, this visibly infringes the Right to Life, and personal liberty guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution”, it said.

The memorandum maintained that the Government notification amounts to denying employees right to food, right to life and discriminating the non-vaccinated employees, which will not only effect Government employees but their wives, children, parents and the whole family who are dependent on the employee’s salary for survival.
On COVID vaccine, the memorandum claimed that there are “very good reasons” that the people of Nagaland will want to avoid the vaccine “as we can see first-hand results of vaccinated people with adverse effects and even death in many cases”. It also highlighted that 18 countries have suspended the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine (Covishield) “due to fears it may cause blood clots”.
“The efficacy of the COVID vaccines are yet to be ascertained as vaccinated persons are also getting adverse side effects such as fatigues, headaches, tiredness and in some extreme cases even deaths besides others and vaccinated people are still getting infected with COVID even after completing the prescribed dose”, it claimed.
It appealed to the Government to make vaccination available for people only on voluntary basis and that no one should be pressurized on this ground.
The memorandum also expressed displeasure over the restrictions put on worship places in Nagaland, and demanded that Churches be allowed to open at all times for healing, counseling and worship.
“Those churches willing to open its doors should not be discouraged nor discriminated as it is also a fundamental right and freedom. When even during lockdowns many markets are crowded, why should the churches be limited to 20 or 50?” it questioned.

The memorandum also stated that lockdowns have been very inconsiderate of poor people, especially people living on the fringe depending on their daily wage, and demanded that there should be no more lockdowns as it destroys the livelihood of people who are daily wagers.
Many poor widows have little stalls selling vegetables or otherwise are completely dependent on their daily earning to sustain their families. Many small businesses have also been ruined with the lockdowns, it stated, adding these little business and widows are being forced to get vaccinated.
“Is the Government willing to pay any and all compensations brought about by the adverse reaction of the COVID Vaccination? Will the Government repatriate all losses incurred due to the prolonged lockdowns?” it asked.
Pointing out that the Union Health Ministry had said that RT-PCR Antigen testing is not mandatory for everyone, the memorandum also demanded no mandatory RT-PCR testing in Nagaland.
The memorandum further sought an end to wearing of masks citing WHO guidelines. “Virologists and microbiologists are alarmed that people are made to wear mask for many hours. It is absolutely unhealthy and are likely to produce even more diseases according to studies”, it claimed.

The memorandum also quoted public health specialist, Dr April Baller of WHO, who had made a statement saying “that mask should only be used by healthcare workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough”.
The memorandum was signed by 135 people.
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Police stop rally against mandatory vaccination
KOHIMA, JULY 24: Police stopped the World Wide Rally for freedom mobilized by the Awaken India Movement (AIM-Nagaland Chapter) at Kohima and Dimapur from going ahead on July 24.
Having been stopped by police as per the directives of the office of the Deputy Commissioner Kohima, AIM Kohima members told media persons at a pavement opposite War Cemetery here that the motive behind organizing the rally was to create awareness about people’s legal right and that mandatory vaccination and mandatory testing are not constitutionally rights.
Pointing out that there is no provision for mandatory vaccination even in the vaccination guidelines, they alleged that Nagaland Government is trying to make it mandatory and “it is the only reason why we are holding the rally.”
“It was actually a prayer march”, they claimed.
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