Monday, June 24, 2024

With caste census, economic mapping will ‘uproot’ 50% reservation limit: Rahul Gandhi


NEW DELHI, MARCH 9: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday underlined his party’s resolve to conduct a caste census if voted to power, asserting that based on this right step along with economic mapping, the 50% cap on reservation would be “uprooted”
Gandhi said the Congress’ slogan is “count” because that would be the first step towards justice.
In a post in Hindi on X, the former Congress president said, “Have we ever wondered who is poor? How many are there and in what condition? Is it not necessary to count all this?” The caste survey conducted in Bihar revealed that 88% of the poor population comes from Dalit, tribal, backward and minority communities, Gandhi said.
“The figures from Bihar are just a small glimpse of the real picture of the country, we do not even have an idea in what condition the poor population of the country is living in”, he said.
“That is why we are going to take two historic steps ~ caste census, economic mapping ~ on the basis of which we will uproot the reservation limit of 50%”, he said.
This step will “X-Ray” the country and provide correct reservations, rights and share to everyone, Gandhi said.
“This will not only help in making the right policies and plans for the poor but will also help in rescuing them from the struggle of education, earning, medicines and connect them to the mainstream of development”, the Congress leader said.
“Therefore, wake up, and raise your voice, caste census is your right and it will take you out of the darkness of difficulties, towards the light”, he said. (PTI)