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Will never support betrayal of historial & political rights: NNC Parent body

The NNC Parent Body with a painful heart have to state the facts and set the records straight as things went beyond the limit within the set up and as well as WC NNPGs with one man rule, control and manipulation of the affairs prevailing at this crucial time of negotiation.
It is very unfortunate to state that Z. Royim (Acting President) has betrayed the entire NNC Parent Body and the General Secretary V. Nagi in particular after coming to know and witnessing everything in Delhi with his own eyes of the submission of compromised political agenda of the Naga people but fully aware of the reality, he is secretly working with the conspirator’s will and wishes in hiding at the cost of Naga people and its land. And this we do not accept and Z. Royim will be held responsible and accountable alone.
Now that the situation demands the NNC Parent Body have to make it very that Z. Royim was and is never a full-fledged President but only made Acting President due to political necessity in 2011 in a Central Executive Council (CEC) Member’s Meeting, but not officially elected by the General Meeting with one month official notice as convention. So Z. Royim was and is never the President of NNC Parent Body.
Also Z. Royim (Acting President) has handed over his office of executive power to the General Secretary V. Nagi in written earlier because of his family problem (paralytic wife) and the Tuensang ethnic crisis at that time for furtherance of Naga Cause since his inability to perform duty, attend Meetings, etc. Therefore, Z. Royim has absolutely no moral authority and power to take decision, to convene meeting, to appoint member, etc. This is the reality.
As stated above, the so called 6th June 2018 meeting was illegal and invalid. In fact, the meeting of some members like Lamso, Bamteo, etc from Zeliangrong Region , Toshi (Yibang) Walling, H. Sumi and Z. Royim cannot be considered a CEC meeting as only few individuals were involved without the knowledge or notice of all the existing Regions Authority, CEC members and in particular the Office of the General Secretary in- charge of executive power of official functioning. The fact of the 6th June 2018 meeting was that UT-1 Chairman H. Sumi categorically stated in the meeting that without proper consultation and discussion with all concerned members and in particular the General Secretary & Co-Convener V. Nagi and his team who were yet to return from Delhi should also be present for such meeting, but in spite of his appeal, the discussion went on, so H. Sumi walked out from the meeting, and this was the real picture of that hidden meeting.
We the NNC Parent Body must also make it clear to one and all that Co-Convenership of Working Committee NNPGs was bestowed upon V. Nagi the General Secretary of NNC Parent Body on 13th of December 2016 unanimously in the meeting with Nagaland Tribes Council in the name of God Jehovah and declared to the Naga people and all concerned.
We the NNC Parent Body will always stand and work with the leader who can speak, argue, debate and negotiate with opponents and even among the NNPGs especially in negotiation on the inalienable historical and political rights of the Naga people for freedom of our Homeland.
Therefore, the unnecessary accusations on V.Nagi regarding small matters are irrelevant and immaterial at this time of negotiation at the highest level of political talk on the longest political movement and struggle of seven decades with the largest democracy India.
We condemn hatred, envy and above all jealousy in the Working Committee (WC) of six NNPGs of six leaders. Talk big, do big,fear God and do away with jealousy and political compromisation of Naga rights.
We also condemn conspiracy and victimization of our leader at this sensitive and crucial time of our history.
In conclusion, the NNC Parent Body will firmly say that we will never stand and support the betrayal of our Historical and Political Rights but will stand solidly with all and greater glory of the Nagas as a whole.


1. Yilow Humtsoe
President, Lotha Regional Council,
NNC Parent Body
2. T. Shanremo Tsopoe
Midan Peyu ( YRC)
NNC Parent Body
3. Rongseng Sashi,
President, Sub-Regional Council
Ao Regional Council, NNC Parent Body
4. Imotemjen,
General Secretary,
Sub-Regional Council,
Ao Regional Council
5. Sama Ao,
CEC member, NNC Parent Body
6. Megincilu Ao
CEC member
NNC Parent Body
7. Rovikeso Angami,
President,Angami Regional Council
NNC Parent Body
8. Thobu Angami
CEC member

9. Ahoshe Yimchungrii,
President, Yimchungrii Regional Council
NNC Parent Body
10.Brig. Kiuthsang Yimchungrii
Naga Army
11.Ketuno Angami
President, Naga Women Federation,
NNC Parent Body
12.Bino Angami
CEC member,
Naga Women Federation