Will continue to point out misdeeds of Govt: NPF

Will continue to point out  misdeeds of Govt: NPF

Dimapur, September 2: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has stated that as an opposition party, it is duty bound to point out the misdeeds of the Government, which in public interest, ought to be responded by the Government.
“As a responsible political party, NPF party will continue to raise issues of concern and it is for the NDPP-led PDA Government to decide as to whether it should articulate and justify Government actions in public interest,”it said in response to a rejoinder issued by the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP).
In a counter rejoinder, the NPF also termed as “ridiculous” the way the ruling party is trying to justify appointment of PDA leaders to Government positions. “The NPF finds it malicious the NDPP justification stating that they pose no additional burden to state exchequer with their extra baggage. People of the state know exactly what they are up to. Moreover, these random
appointments undermine the capability of the duly elected 34 MLAs in the PDA govt,” it said.
The NPF also stated that it finds no reason to apologize to the NDPP for using a “particular vocabulary which seems to have upset them”. It, however, withdrew the word “chamchas” it had used earlier and replaced it with “coterie”.
Ridiculing the statement of NDPP that it will conduct its affairs with responsibility and respect the feelings of the people, the NPF asked the NDPP to remind its Government to get real for once and start working for people-based issues, instead of playing games.
“Diversion of public fund and deviation from issues of public importance has become the hallmark of NDPP-led PDA Government and yet many of its members continue to idolize the Government in every way possible. It will do a lot of good if such individuals identify and evaluate issues at hand instead of misleading the general public with sugar-coated statements in the media,” it added. (Page News Service)