Friday, June 25, 2021
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Wildlife Division appeals to ensure safe stay & passage of Amur Falcons

Amur Falcon

Dimapur, November 10: Wildlife Warden, Wildlife Division Dimapur has appealed to the public and villages of Amur falcon roosting areas to ensure the safe stay and passage of state guest, the Amur Falcon which has arrived in different parts of our state for roosting.
Stating that the protection efforts put in by NGOs/village councils etc in the past had brought recognition National and international, the division appealed to all to continue with the good work by being a guardian to our migratory guest during their short visit.
Amur falcons are protected under Wildlife Act and that hunting; trapping, killing or sale of birds is an offence punishable under Section 51 of WL (P) Act 1972. Also as per notification no.CSO/1/GEN/2013 Dated 12th June 2013 and No.DRD/NR/P-1/2002 Dated Kohima, June 18, 2013 of the state government, the village/s indulging in wildlife crimes would be penalised by diverting their various development funds to environmental protection activities.
In this regard, the division appealed to those NGOs/Villages/public etc sincere in the cause of wildlife protection to report the case of wildlife crimes/trade to the wildlife authority.
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