Wife of John Lennon’s assassin reveals he told her about his plans


The wife of John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman has revealed he told her about his plans to kill the Beatle two months before gunning him down in New York.
Gloria Hiroko Chapman, 67, said her husband did not carry out his threat the first time because of his love for her and threw away the gun he was going to use.
But Gloria, who has had sex with her husband during prison visits, admitted that when she heard the news of Lennon’s murder she knew he was responsible, reports Daily Mail.
“I knew it was Mark. How did I know? Two months earlier, Mark had traveled to New York,” she told The Mirror through her church.
“He came home scared, telling me that to make a name for himself he had planned to kill Lennon. But he said my love had saved him.”
Gloria said she was happy for Chapman to return to New York a second time because she believed he was only making the trip to spend some time to “think about his life”.
The devout Christian has decided to stand by her evil husband, who may soon be set free after a parole hearing on the week of August 20.
The prospect of his freedom after 38 years behind bars greatly excites Gloria, who said: “It didn’t matter how long Mark was in prison. I would wait for him.”
Her unwavering loyalty comes despite the violent abuse she suffered when they were together for a year and Chapman telling her to leave him after he was jailed.
The hospital worker said her Christian faith meant she was unable to break the marriage vows they exchanged on June 2, 1979.