Who is responsible for traffic jam and lack of sanitation in the capital of Nagaland


Kohima the capital of Nagaland which serves as an umbrella for all the tribes of the state needs an urgent civic action. Two things which I believe should be at the top of priority list are-“Traffic jam and Sanitation.” For a decade or more, traffic jam has been a big obstacle that has always hindered the citizens to reach their offices or to accomplish itinerary on time. For instance, in a place where ambulances are limited, it has been one of the important reasons that have failed to meet the urgency of the patients to reach hospitals on time. In a hilly topographical state like Nagaland, roadways are supposed to be the fastest means to reach one’s destination. But unfortunately the capital of Nagaland which is the heart and mirror of the state of Nagaland is as slow as a snail, slagging and sliding – hampering every progress possible to be called a progressive state.
Roads and communications are the mother of all progress. To tackle the worsening situation of traffic which is deteriorating every year with the rise of vehicles and taking the difficult terrain into consideration, a solution is a must to ease and uplift the state. Besides many reasons and causes behind the heavy traffic jam and un-sanitized surroundings, I would like to highlight some of the causes that need immediate measures to ease the problems challenging us.
1. The first and foremost problem, adding to heavy jam particularly in highways and neighborhoods are – Building of roadside residence without any parking lot and thus making public road as their parking zone and parking of vehicles on both sides of the public road, making it four land road in spite of no road situation.
2. Secondly, selling of fruits and vegetables by vendors near the parking zone and occupying half of the entire footpath making it inconvenient for pedestrians to walk at the same time contributing to vulnerability of accidents, as experienced at the recent case of Fire Brigade vehicle colliding with the parked taxis and a gypsy parked in the roadside. The injury of the drivers and people involved are no doubt termed unfortunate, however the cause was congested road amongst all other reasons and failures of system and maintenance. In addition to it, footpaths and roads have become a litter zone. Eating of such fruits and vegetables will add no health benefits for the buyers as well. Awareness and promotion of hygienic food supplement needs to be given importance at the earliest.
3. The other reasons to be taken seriously are building of enormous Complexes, Hospitals, and Churches without any parking lot.
4. Another serious cause is building of schools and colleges within town centre without parking zone. Except on Sundays, the schools are open for the rest of the week days. In other words, buses and vehicles engaged for school and college duties clog the road making it narrow and prone to accidents.
5. Unattended drainage system has become one of the authentic causes of serious health hazards. Adding to it is the opening of sceptic tanks through improper drainage channel, which must be immediately stopped and every citizens must opt to build either proper soak pit or use cesspool vehicles for better and clean livelihood.
6. The flow of electricity wire and water pipe which are tightly twined together and flying over the public roads and buildings at short distance is another concern that needs to be sort out at an earliest.
Out of many inconvenient issues that a citizen faces, to sum up, let me in brief highlight some:
» Changes in a society start from an individual’s effort and one’s own family (or rather one’s home) that one comes across daily.
» It is high time that every citizens or authority concerned takes the responsible to keep the surroundings clean and particularly KMC to make necessary arrangements at an earliest without delay.
» To be mindful to take up constructions which has parking zone will be of great help to the citizens for free flow of travels and access to work on time.
» One should be mindful even while blowing horn in the middle of traffic jam or while in a moving vehicle provided it is on a turning point, because everyone is as busy as the one who is blowing horn trying to head for one’s purpose- “In short, driving ethics he maintained.”
» Public and private property must be sincerely identified. Traffic jam and unclean surroundings has not only slowed down the development of Naga Society but it has also affected live species to sickness, hazardous health problems and death.
» Every citizen is to be blamed for the fall of a society or nation and likewise to be credited for the rise of it. Civic sense is the only means to bring advancement in the society as there is no substitute to it.
Therefore, every citizen must make an effort today to keep the town “Green, Beautiful and Human Friendly” for – Today, Tomorrow and Always.”

Concerned Senior Citizen
Hoshito Assumi
Lower Chandmari Colony
Kohima : Nagaland

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