Who Invented Time?


Time, you are a mere illusion,

You only exist in our mind,

A fourth dimensional abstract entity,

An enigma of some kind !

We humans have invented you,

And brought you to our scene;

But like the moth you feed on our calendars,

To fatten up from within !

Necessity, the mother of inventions,

Created the calendar and the clock;

Which cater to our needs –

Does it come to you as a shock ?!

With these inventions we measure –

Our rotations around the burning sun,

While in your self – delusion,

You think of having all the fun !

Our ageing is a biological process, all starts from within;

Right from our conception, all programmed in our very genes !

Our monuments wither, and our landscapes waste,

All due to environment and weather, and not at your behest !

Our lust for power, our hunger and greed,

Have destroyed civilizations, wiping it out complete !

But we do not succumb to you, nor accept defeat !

We humans die, when our organs fail,

And not because of you, as any doctor would tell !

Time, you exist all due to our humanity,

It is only because we accommodate you –

In a cordial spirit of relativity !

And yet you try to brow beat us,

O, what audacity !

Time, if you want importance, and wish to co-exist,

At all times you must remain subservient, and cater to our needs !

Though in reality you are only an imposter –

Of the fourth dimensional kind !

Time, you only remain, as a figment of my mind!

By Raj Nandy