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Where is Mr. RN Ravi’s Response?

The battle over the Framework Agreement (FA) is now before the public domain. There is no running away from either party but to set the record straight in order to reset the Indo-Naga political talk in correct perspective. It is a matter of restoring the credibility of the Government of India (GoI) that was badly damaged in the hands of its representative Mr. RN Ravi. The issue is of serious nature as the very essence of FA had been found missing or manipulated in the copy circulated by Ravi to his favored Naga civil society organizations, including NNPGs to give different narratives.
Much water has flown down the Dhansiri River since the day NSCN took the pain to expose the misdoings of RN Ravi. As a follow up for public scrutiny on how RN Ravi misinformed and misled the Government of India we furnish here the original copy and Ravi’s manipulated copy of the Framework Agreement:

FA originalFA manipulatedGiven the nature of Ravi’s handling the Indo-Naga political issue it is pertinent to point out that the talk is on Naga political issues for all the Nagas and covering all the Naga areas. But surprisingly Mr. Ravi reduces the talk to the state of Nagaland only. This is not only a mockery of the Framework Agreement co-authored by him representing the Prime Minister of India but insult to the Nagas as a whole.
Ravi’s off-repeated catchphrase is “one issue one solution” but he signed two agreements-Framework Agreement with NSCN and Agreed Position with NNPGs. Where is he trying to take the Nagas to? He simply wants to keep the Naga people divided by signing a parallel agreement. After manipulating the contents of the FA he tutored his favored Naga groups
on how to look at FA, that FA is simply the recognition of Naga past history and nothing beyond that. The same way he misled the Parliamentary Standing Committee.
While briefing the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Naga Peace Accord with reference to the Framework Agreement, Ravi stated that the contours of the agreement had not been spelt out in the agreement. According to Ravi, the Framework Agreement was just about the recognition of the uniqueness of the Naga history by the Government of India and an understanding that inclusive settlement will be within the Indian federation with due regards to the uniqueness of the Naga history. He further stated that it was implied in the agreement that some special arrangement will have to be made for the Nagas. This is simply Ravi’s twisted interpretation of FA.
Ravi had got himself a good partner in ex-Chief Minister of Nagaland and ex-Governor Mr. SC Jamir who is tooth and nail against Naga solution defending the 16 Point Agreement. Both of them had been surreptitiously working together and they are responsible for holding the NNPGs in the grip and misled the GoI, particularly the Prime Minister.
For all purpose Ravi stood firm behind NNPGs to wreck the FA and maneuvered the NNPGs to do his bidding. At the end of the day Ravi’s hidden agenda was out in the open. But by then he had achieved what he desperately wanted, to bring confusion among the Nagas and designs groups to oppose the FA.
With his overbearing attitude and hidden agenda up in his sleeves Ravi also went against the successive Prime Ministers of India and the Chief of Indian Army’s “will” who declared on more than one occasion that the Naga problem is “political issue” and not “law and order.” Much to the indignation of the Naga people, Ravi went against their commitment to pull down the Naga political issue to constitutional law and order problem. As a result of his newly founded stratagem we have seen the killings of NSCN members, house raids, arrest and manhunt by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) under his supervision. The ubiquitous Assam Rifles (AR) has gone hyper active since Ravi became the Governor of Nagaland.
In the past much before he came into the scene as interlocutor Ravi used the print media to write tormenting articles on Naga issue. In his article in 2012 “Chasing a chimeric peace” he stated that they (the Nagas) know that peace is a distant dream….not inherently distant because Delhi, by design & default makes it so. As we sum up the sinister game plans of Ravi there is no doubt to it that he is an extension of Delhi plan by virtue of his post. In 2014, he wrote another article “Nagaland decent into chaos”. This is exactly what he did to Nagaland today as there is chaos of his making.
Scheming to create schism within the Nagas, Ravi in his meeting convened by him at Hotel Japfu, Kohima, dated 18th October, 2019 coined divisive phrase to categorize the Naga society into “primary” and “secondary” stakeholders. This speaks volumes of his deceitful plan to destroy the Naga society.
On the current status of the talk NSCN put on record that PM level talk has not gone down to the Intelligence Bureau (IB) level talk. Interlocutor carries the mandate of the PM. NSCN has been talking to Ravi as Interlocutor and not as Governor. But since Ravi created imbroglio in the talk process, the PM give mandate to continue the talk to a team of IB as a Fast Track Channel for communication and clear the pending points in the competency. Once everything is clear the agreement will be at political level of the Prime Minister.
Significantly, there is officially agreed and set up mechanism between the GoI and NSCN for the political talk and ceasefire which need to be enumerated herewith.
(1) Talk at the highest level e.g. Prime Minister or Group of Ministers. Or interlocutor that carries the mandate of the Prime Minister.
(2) The Ceasefire Ground Rules (CFGR) review committee is headed by Special Secretary, Internal Security of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), GoI. This committee can amend or change the agreed ground rules. The GoI is usually represented by Special Secretary, DGMO, DGMI, IB, Chief Secretary of Nagaland or Home Secretary, IGAR and NSCN team led by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Vs. Atem.
(3) Ceasefire Monitoring Group (CFMG) is headed by Chairman appointed by the GoI. NSCN appoints its Convener. Whenever there is violation of ceasefire from either side the Chairman intervened and control the situation as per ground rules.
(4) The ground rules are made because Indian constitution and its laws are not applicable to NSCN. Therefore, the agreed ground rules are outside the purview of the Indian constitution.
However, there is some high-handedness emanating from the hands of Ravi. How come Ravi who represents the Prime Minister has made the Ceasefire Review Committee (CFRC) and CFMG to nothingness as he has dismantled the officially set up mechanism. This is a serious matter as it constitutes a part of the Indo-Naga ceasefire that was set up in order to streamline the smooth functioning of ceasefire ground rules from both the parties.