Where are we headed!!


Often we read about the fights between security forces and our nationalist armed groups and many of us rejoice such news with fervour of Naga nationalism. But a recent incident made me wonder and question what is right?
A not so old publication of inter group fight of NSCN made me wonder if we have really evolved or are we going back to older days wherein tribal differences and supremacy, made us fight one another. The same is being done by our nationalist groups to reign supreme over one another for more power and position to assert their dominance for extortion rights.
What exactly is the cause that these armed groups have been nursing from time to time as per their own whims and fancies without worrying about me, a common Naga fellow. Is this the cause we have grown up to or these groups have gone wrong in their understanding? Killing of own Naga brethren pokes me to ask these doubts.
Cause taken up by armed groups as understood by many my age was to give us a better life by providing, habitation, education, employment, infrastructure & gender equality in a better society. But are they facilitating it or hampering it by impeding the development work in remote areas by their activities of extortion and threats to own brethrens.
We have been divided for long by the groups and its ideology based on the differences, which means that their cause is not selfless but has become self centric. These groups have been dictating terms, indulging in extortion, taxation from local populace and killing brethren Nagas. To me they seem to be misleading the youth for their ulterior gains. It’s about time that all of us right thinking people come forward to voice against the self proclaimed flag bearers, who pitch brother against brother, denounce humanity and create divide. It’s time to introspect and cleanse our systems to create a new, forward and puerile society truly independent of threats and free from the shackles of armed groups.

Hukato Zhimo
Signal Basti, Dimapur

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