Sunday, December 3, 2023

When Priyanka Chopra was yelled at by choreographer: ‘Just because you’re Miss World, don’t presume you can dance’

Global icon Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been making headlines regularly, be it her recent published memoir ‘Unfinished’ or her film ‘The White Tiger’ receiving Bafta nominations. The actress, along with her singer husband Nick Jonas, would be announcing Oscar nominations on Monday.

Recently, during an exclusive interaction with HT brunch, the actress opened up about an incident when she was called out by a choreographer for not dancing properly during a sequence. The incident, according to the actress, took place during the early days of her career, when she was shooting for ‘Andaaz’.
The weekly magazine reported that a choreographer on the sets of ‘Andaaz’ reportedly told Priyanka, “Just because you’re Miss World, don’t presume you can dance. Learn to do your job before you report for work!”
Recalling the incident, Priyanka narrated, “The episode was the critical foundation of my career. It taught me the difference between being an amateur and a professional and how essential it is to be prepared. From that experience onward, I’ve been prepped assiduously before going on to any set.”
In her much-talked-about memoir ‘Unfinished’ which hit the stands in February this year, the ‘Desi Girl’ made some startling revelations about her initial struggles while she making a mark for her. The actress opened up on an incident when a director asked her to get her ‘proportions fixed’.
“After a few minutes of small talk, the director/producer told me to stand up and twirl for him. I did. He stared at me long and hard, assessing me, and then suggested that I get a b**b job, fix my jaw, and add a little more cushioning to my butt,” the actress wrote in her book.
“If I wanted to be an actress, he said, I’d need to have my proportions ‘fixed’, and he knew a great doctor in LA he could send me to. My then-manager voiced his agreement with the assessment”, she further wrote.
The actress decided to leave the meeting and also cut ties with her then-manager after the incident, as per her memoir account.

Priyanka got married to international music sensation Nick Jonas at the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur on December 2, 2018. The wedding festivities continued for days. The couple had two ceremonies—a white wedding followed by a traditional Hindu one.
Priyanka is currently in London where she is shooting for Russo Brothers new show Citadel. The actress has been busy promoting her husband Nick Jonas’ single music album ‘Spaceman’. (Agencies)