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When Peace gets precedence, confrontation has to make way

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GoI will not mind talking to either Kitovi or Alezo

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, JUNE 20: The Naga peace talk is on track despite a vertical split in a key Naga underground organisation.
N Kitovi Zhimomi’s exit from his parent body and elevation of Alezo Venuh as new Ato Kilonser had created some technical issues before the Government of India.
But a resolution adopted by NNPG on June 18 makes it clear that “it is inevitable” to uphold and nurture the Agreed Position.
The statement said, “All the leaders of the affiliates of NNPG solemnly reaffirmed to preserve the stability and credibility of amalgam…”. This should make N Kitovi Zhimomi more than happy at least for the time being.
Sources at New Delhi have always been keen to show ‘due respect’ to Kitovi for his stewardship of the NNPG since 2017.
These are seen by analysts as ‘good and expectedly positive developments’ after the skirmishes.
Technically, this makes it clear that Kitovi is in the working committee of the NNPG and “in political sense”, the Government of India will not mind talking to either Kitovi or Alezo as part of the working committee itself.
Talks must go on ~ as the refrain can be.
The undercurrent of troubles between Kitovi and his one-time lieutenant and friend Alezo apparently remains. But the Government of India is not in any way bothered by all that as long as the channel of communication with the pro-solution amalgam NNPG continues.
Meanwhile, the Alezo faction and NNPG sources say co-convener Isak Sumi will have important role to play as well.
“To keep the official communication channel functional with the Government of India, CSOs, NGOs and stakeholders and also to initiate and notify official meetings of the working committee as and when the situation demands, co-convener Isak Sumi is hereby endorsed to shoulder the official responsibility of the same”, the statement says.
The NNPG has also authorized P Tikhak to act as the spokesman for the NNPG.
The Government of India is certainly keen to arrive at a final solution pact.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been keen to ink a Solution pact and hence the then Governor and Interlocutor RN Ravi was directed to take some major steps including the signing of the Agreed Position in 2017.
The NNPG leaders including Kitovi and Alezo have in the past from time to time stated that unlike the Framework Agreement signed on August 3, 2015, the Agreed Position did not have any confusing or secrecy provisions.
Hence, the progress in peace parleys was smoother and even easier between the Centre and NNPG as compared to hitches and hurdles in talks between New Delhi and NSCN-IM.
However, analysts suggest the ethnic strife between Meiteis and Kukis in 2023 and the Naga leaders in Manipur taking a stance to maintain harmonious and brotherly relations with Meiteis were some positive developments.
In the ultimate, everyone seems to understand the urgency of Solution to the Naga peace talks.
The Government of India also realises a breakthrough in Naga talks at this juncture ~ say by the end of calendar year ~ 2024 will be a major milestone for the Modi-led regime.
Similar realisation has started to dawn on the NDPP leadership as well for the ruling party in Nagaland seems to understand that when people get angry, anyone or any leader and party can be shown their place in electoral battles.
The Lok Sabha mandate was an emotional outcome but by nature Nagas are always emotional.