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What will be the future of Nagaland? Will there be interim government?

Nagaland was in great anxiety, fear and tension for some weeks prior to 31st March 2019 because the IM in a public meeting at Hebron on 21st September 2019 said that Nagaland will cease to exist and will be replaced by another Government.
During the period in question, the public observed heightened army activity; there were army house-checking here and there. Dimapur Air port was closed for some time for Army use. Helicopters and Air planes were heard flying at night.
The Government of Nagaland ordered all Officers and the DCs to be in their stations and not move out of station without specific government Orders.
The DGP Nagaland issued Orders for all police personals to be in heightened Alert and keep Food Stock for Two Months.
There were speculations that there may be bloodshed again in Nagaland and the News Media faithfully reported even the rumor! There were disinformation galore in the social electronic media.
A high Officer Pensioner told me the whole border of Nagaland has been sealed by the Army and within a short time the Army is going to seize Nagaland completely.
I said, “I just cannot believe that” but he said “just see within a short time NAGALAND is finished”.
The State of Nagaland was in travail, panic, Tension and in Agitated mind. The Chief Minister did not say anything that would calm his people. None of the Party leaders said anything to calm the public. The four honorable former Chief Ministers of Nagaland remained quiet and hidden and did not elevate the burden of the ignorant masses.
The Churches and its Associations prayed for the honorable solution of the Framework Agreement between GoI and the IM but not for Peace of mind as the LORD giveth!
The 31st October 2019 was said to be the last day of Talk for the solution of the Indo-Naga political Problem and the Talk appeared coming to an end without an Agreement. The IM behaved tough saying: “Come what may” and that they would not abandon the demand for Naga Flag and Constitution the Government of India appeared not willing to accede.
The recent panic in Nagaland started quite sometime back by Nagaland Legislators who declared they would vacate their Seats in the event of a solution of the Talk in an honorable Agreement.
This sounds a magnanimous promise but it is not in tandem with modern democratic Norms. The NSCN [IM] is not the Party in power at the Centre or in the State of Nagaland. The Union Government in Delhi can not just remove the government in power in a State and replace it with another government of a third Party not elected to the State Assembly.
The ruling Congress Government in the Centre replacing Congress Government in the State of Mizoram some years ago was possible because the same Party was ruling both in the Centre and in the State.
Had the BJP been in clear majority power in Nagaland, the parent ruling BJP in the Centre could replace its State BJP Government in the State of Nagaland with the NSCN [IM]. But it can not just hand over the State Government to the National Socialist Council [IM] of without an Election.
If Neiphi Rio’s Government vacates its democratic right of ruling the Sate, then another Leader, -possibly the Leader of the Opposition-, would get the chance to form the Government and if that also fails, then another may claim to form the Government.
And if that also fails endangering Law & Order in the State, then the Governor may recommend President Rule in the State and call for an Election at a proper due time.
The Legislators of Nagaland journeyed here and there in every sundry places canvassing support for the Framework Agreement called Peace Process. They said they will vacate their Seats in the event of a Solution.
Talks like these from the people’s Representatives did not strengthen the Democratic life or governance in Nagaland. It strengthened an impossible Interim Socialist Government headed by the National Socialist Council of Nagalim in Nagaland.
It was in 1957 that Naga Tribes People’s Convention first on 22nd August 1957 formed NAGA HILLS TUENSANG AREA [NHTA] in its first Convention at Kohima and resolved to constitute an Administrative Unit to be named as mentioned above with effect from 22 December 1957, under the Commissioner on behalf of Governor as the Agent of the President.
Next year, in 1958 at the second Convention at Ungma, it was resolved to constitute the NHTA into a full-fledged STATE under Indian Union and the third Convention at Mokokchung in 1959 forwarded a proposal to name the State as NAGALAND. In July 1960, Jowaharlal Nehru got the approval of the Parliament.
In the middle of March 1961, a transitional arrangement known as INTERIM GOVERNMENT called INTERIM NAGA LEGISLATIVE BODY of 42 members, graded Legislative Council and 5 Members Executive Council as the Cabinet and Mr. P. Shilu Ao was sworn as Chief Executive Councilor. With this formation, the Post of Commissioner of Nagaland was abolished and Nagaland was inaugurated by Dr. Radhakrishnan, President of India as the 16th State of India on 1st Dec. 1963 with Article 371A; nothing much can be changed in the blessed State of Nagaland.
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