Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Weinstein’s accusor McGowan says won’t be satisfied ‘until he’s dead’

Rose McGowan

Actor Rose McGowan, who accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape, has said that she feels locked in a battle, which won’t end until one of them dies. McGowan appeared on Evan Ross Katz’s podcast a day after his conviction for sexual assault and rape.
“Probably not until he’s dead now,” McGowan said when Katz asked if Weinstein’s trial was providing her a sense of closure. “I feel like he and I are strapped in this battle together until one of us is dead. That’s how it goes. I energetically, we’re like just locked. It’s a really disgusting feeling. I just would love to be able to be like other people and live my life. That would be really nice, you know?”
In 2017, McGowan had accused Weinstein of raping her. She provided a detailed account in her 2018 book, Brave. Weinstein was convicted of sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006 and raping former aspiring actor Jessica Mann in 2013. Jurors acquitted Weinstein on the two top charges, predatory sexual assault, which carried a maximum life sentence.
McGowan reacted to the verdict on social media, and wrote, “Today we can exhale. The stinky trash is gone. Thank you to the brave women testifying who took it on the chin to get us over the finish line. Endlessly proud of them. Today the world is safer because he’s not on the streets. Today the world is also smarter than it was pre-2017.”
McGowan continued, “Did you know only 2% of rapes lead to conviction? How messed up is it that it’s an insane privilege to see anything bad happen to your rapist, let alone them go to jail? More work to be done for sure, but today I can say that due to the strengths of many, the prosecutor’s tenacity, the jury who did better than most, and especially the women who took the stand, there is a monster off the streets. Love to you all who’ve shown me support along the way. Deeply appreciated. Goddamn, I can breathe. And maybe, just maybe, learn to hope again.”