Wedding Photo: Why Guv? Where is the Govt, asks NPF

Wedding Photo: Why Guv? Where is the Govt, asks NPF

Kohima, November 15: Opposition NPF today came out gunning for the ruling Government over the issue of a newly wedded couple posing with guns, terming the Governor’s intervention on the issue as a failure of governance, and likening the situation to President’s Rule.
Even as the GPRN/NSCN tried to bury the controversy urging all to put an end to the “witch hunt over a wedding photo”, the issue weaved its way into politics with NPF spokesperson Achumbemo Kikon questioning Nagaland Governor RN Ravi’s directive to the State Director General of Police to “register a criminal case, seize the guns and arrest the culprits.”
A photograph of a NSCN-U kilonser’s son and his bride posing with assault rifles post their wedding ceremony went viral on social media and found prominence in national media sparking controversy and dividing opinions. Governor Ravi on November 12 directed the DGP to take action following which the couple was arrested and released on bail.
Addressing the media here at the NPF office in Kohima, the NPF spokesperson took a dig at the ruling Government stating that Governor’s intervention in “day-to-day activities” show that “there is no semblance of governance” in the State.
“We would like to question who is running the show”, Achumbemo said pointing out that Governor’s intervention in an issue like a newly wedded couple posing with guns gives the notion that Nagaland is under President’s Rule.
“If you see the recent intervention of the Governor on the display of automatic weapons by the newly wedded couple, this is something that is worrying us as an opposition party because whether the Governor or the Chief Minister is running the Government. Whether we have an elected popular government or not?” he asked.
The NPF spokesperson noted that when there is an elected popular Government, there is a system in place to run the Government. “If the Governor is either compelled or directly interfering in the day to day activities of the Government, it indicates that the Government of the day is not capable. On the other hand, if the Governor is directly interfering in all these issues, it is like President’s Rule,” he added.
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