Monday, April 15, 2024

Webinar on women’s safety and security held

Dimapur, August 8: Peace Channel and NEISSR Dimapur organized a webinar on women’s safety and security on August 8. The resource persons for the webinar were Asha Sanchu, Director Miqlat Ministry and Gracy Aye and state coordinator SRCW, Government of Nagaland.
The webinar was moderated by Vitono Haralu, the trainer cum consultant of Peace Channel.
Fr. Dr. C.P. Anto, Director Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR in his introductory remarks said that who is primarily responsible for the safety and security of women and girls in our society? It’s the both men and women mutually play the role.
“Amazing things happen when women help women and one another,” he said and mentioned how the political will can play a great role in the process of protection of women and girls.
“If we actively promote and involve women in politics, in the decision making and policy making process we will have better society where womens concerns will be rightly addressed like Rwanda which has over 61.3% women are parliamentarians,” he added.
Gracy Aye, State coordinator of SRCW Government of Nagaland stating on the point of women’s safety and security, said that the security and safety of the women isn’t confined to the plight of women alone but is in fact a social issue and a societal concern.
Talking from the perspective of Nagaland, Gracy Aye displayed about the myriad representation of violence faced by the women, which in some cases is settled by customary law (mostly in villages) and order due to which many cases goes unreported and unrecorded.
Citing reports, she said there are numbers cases of domestic violence, rape, murder and cybercrime in regard to abuse faced by women. The way forward from such crisis, is not to stigmatize any situation, she remarked stating that “it should start at home” to raise sensible children to respect every being.
Gracy suggested that say men and women should inclusively work together to deliberate on issues.
Asha Sanchu, Director Miqlat Ministry spoke about the women’s safety and security from the perspective of economic empowerment. She expressed the low grade skills that many youths in Nagaland possess these days.
In the midst of the pandemic crisis and lack of job opportunity, Asha vividly expressed the need to promote sustainable, organic, durable and marketable skill development for the women as a means to empower them. Further discussing on women empowerment, she depicted that the empowered women are less subjected to violence since they have the confidence to overcome any given situation.
At such juncture, she suggested that having a holistic approach and engaging in social dialogue can bridge gaps between any loophole.
She concluded by saying that the society which is incapable of respecting women can never be developed and urges the need to shift our perception from things oriented to people oriented.
The session organized in concern to women welfare was also extended with the discussion of the violence and abuse faced by men as respectively. In his remark Fr. C.P. Anto also thanked the collaborators of the webinar Dimapur Christian Forum, Nagaland NGO’s Forum, Miqlat Ministry and SRCW etc.,
The session included an interactive session with a question and answer session. The session concluded with the moderator, Vitono Haralu extending appreciation to the speakers, organizers, collaburators and the participators for their valuable time and concern. (Page News Service)