Monday, January 25, 2021

Webinar on role of teachers in peace education held

Dimapur, September 13: A webinar on ‘The Role of Teachers in Peace Education’ was organized by Peace Channel and NEISSR on September 11 with Roseline Dzuvichu, Reader SCERT and Nini Sekhose, President, All Nagaland Private Schools Association (ANPSA) as the resource persons.
Trainer and Consultant, Vitono Gugu Haralu moderated the session. In her introduction, she highlighted Peace Channel as a peace building movement working with the school children, youth in the colleges as well as, forums in the community level.
Dr Fr C P Anto, Director, Peace Channel and Principal of NEISSR, emphasised on the role of teachers as agents of peace. In his introductory words, he explained the context and the objectives of the webinar, which it tries to enable the teachers from around the state to engage themselves to create ‘a culture of peace’ among the school children.
He explained on what is peace education, importance of peace education and the concept of peace building in the context of Nagaland. Peace Channel and NEISSR movement looks forward to create a wave of peace among all the different levels of the society in Nagaland and looks forward to make Nagaland as the most peaceful state by 2030 and to make Nagaland as a model state for peace building. The webinar was attended by around 80 teachers from different districts in Nagaland.
In her presentation, Nini Sekhose pointed out that Peace Education is one of the most important activities required at the present confusing time and also congratulated Peace Channel for delivering justice by promoting peace in the different levels of the society. She emphasized on the role of teachers in creating peace starting from the micro-level; Classroom which is expected to be enhanced to greater environment by the students themselves.
She said peace is about transforming negative situations or potential conflicts into more positive situations and that is what most teachers do every day in their classrooms. Hence, teachers need to practice the values of acceptance, right attitude and non-judgemental perception in the classroom environment being the models of education and that effort should be appreciated, she added.
She also asserted that we are in need to facilitate a generation that cares.
She extended on saying that Peace begins with recognizing and accepting differences in the classroom. We need to start teaching our children to respect and appreciate differences and reinforce moral values and explore characters, for harmonious environment.
Roseline Dzuvichu presented that teachers are playing the most critical and important role in the upbringing of the children of a country, and for the same, teachers are potential peace builders in their own profession and teachers should also practice skills such as integrity, conviction, commitment, self-discipline etc. She highlighted that peace education is a need of the hour to be included in the educational curriculum and in all the subject matters.
Stating that teachers are also channels of peace in the society, being the motivators and educators of students in the schools, she said many a times, the personality of a teacher is more trustworthy to the students more than their own parents.
Both the teachers and the parents need to get into a paradigm shift in order to develop their children