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Web-based online eServices portal for GHC Kohima Bench launched

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Dimapur, June 14: In a significant move towards transparency and efficiency, the Gauhati High Court Kohima Bench launched its own Web Based “Online eServices Portal”, designed and developed by the eCourts Team of Kohima Bench. The “Online eServices Portal” was formally launched on June 13 by Justice Vijay Bishnoi, The Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court in the presence of Justice Lanusungkum Jamir, Judge In-Charge, Administrative Department (JAD) Gauhati High Court and Justice Devashis Baruah, Judge Gauhati High Court and ICT In-charge of Kohima Bench amid officials of the Registry.
This innovative platform marks a significant leap towards modernizing judicial administration and enhancing service delivery.
The online facility is designed to enhance efficiency, transparency, and convenience for employees, job applicants, advocates and stakeholders.
The key features of the portal are as follows:
Online Leave Management System: This system simplifies the leave application process for employees, allowing them to apply for leave, check leave balances, and track the status of their applications seamlessly. This results in a streamlined workflow, reduced paperwork, and improved management of leave records, thereby ensuring a more efficient and transparent system.
Online Recruitment Portal: This portal streamlines job applications, data collection and candidate screening processes. Applicants can easily submit their resumes and required documents online leading to a faster, more organized recruitment process. The portal will maintain a centralized database of applications and candidate information for easy access and management.
Online Inventory Management System: This system is designed for the meticulous record-keeping, tracking, and management of ICT assets and hardware procured by the High Court.By maintaining accurate inventory records and monitoring asset usage, resource allocation is optimized, reducing wastage, and ensuring that technological resources are effectively utilized.
Meanwhile, a dedicated WhatsApp Channel was launched namely “GHC Kohima Bench Info Channel”. This channel will broadcast crucial information such as daily cause lists, case status, important notifications, VC links and related news. It benefits advocates, litigants, and interested stakeholders by providing real-time updates, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring that everyone stays informed about the latest developments at the High Court.
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