We make some 1100 films in a year but not one that can go and compete in the world

danny denzongpa

Veteran actor Danny Denzongpa, who was last seen in the film Bioscopewala, isn’t taking up too many projects these days. And somehow, he is not even too content with the kind of films that Indian filmmakers are churning out these days — ones that are yet to find their footing in the global market.
“We make the maximum number of films, about 1100 films in a year. Whereas, Hollywood makes 450 films in a year and a smaller country like France or Korea makes even fewer films. But then, their quality is such that you’d always see them at all international film festivals, they are winning all the awards and we are nowhere. It’s sad that we don’t make a single one to go and compete in the world,” says Danny.
The 80-year-old puts the blame on the fact that no one in the film industry is ready to take risk. “People here [in Bollywood] are so insecure that they are always thinking about how their money would come back, or else they might be out of business. They don’t want to take any risk,” adds the actor, stating that “people who are highly successful, or those who run production house, great actors and superstars should be the ones who should take risk.
Danny also feels that to a large extent, it’s the box office craze that has affected the quality of film being made now but sadly, nothing much can be done. “You see, you can’t help it because it’s such an expensive kind of industry. Before you start a project, so much money is involved in it. It’s not like art form of painting or sculpture where you make a painting and if you didn’t like it, you just throw it,” he quips.
The actor elaborates, “But in films, the moment you start penning the script, you have to give money to the writers, you think of a screenplay writer, you pay them, you cast an actor, they would ask for a signing amount, which is huge. And once the production begins, you carry forward 200 people around with you and move with everybody’s tantrums. So, a lot of money is involved and that’s why, to be commercially successful is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, that’s the reason, our industry is nowhere.”