Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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We have highest respect for Governor’s office: NDPP


Says Govt’s reply was based on facts & accurate data
Dimapur, July 5: The ruling NDPP has accused the NPF Legislature Party to trying to mar the “cordial relationship” between the Governor and the State Government.
“NPF’s allegation that the State Government has publicly humiliated the Governor is absolutely ridiculous and is an obvious attempt to mar the cordial relationship between the two,” claimed the party’s media & communication committee in a press release in reaction to separate statements issued by the NPFLP and the NPCC.
Stating that the NDPP has the highest respect for the office of the Governor who holds a constitutional post, the release said since the present Governor is also the interlocutor of the Indo-Naga political peace negotiations, the party has high expectations that he is genuinely committed towards bringing a political solution that is honourable, acceptable and upholds the political rights of the Naga people.
“His concerns for the overall scenario of the state and the people’s welfare are also highly appreciated and welcomed. We are confident that a person of his stature with an exemplary record is indeed a blessing for the people towards achieving peace and progress. We are hopeful that the political dialogue will not be diluted as the Government of India has recognised the Naga movement as a political issue that needs to be resolved with a political approach,” it said.
Stating that the Indo-Naga political issue has been at the core of Naga society for decades and our search for peace and honourable political settlement is the most important cry of the Naga people across all our lands, the NDPP said it was shocking to see that the NPFLP’s statement was devoid of any political stand or clarity.
“Civil society organizations, mass based bodies, student organizations, NGOs and even individuals have come out openly on the political issue yet the NPF has decided to remain silent. This speaks volumes of the state of affairs in the NPF party and political disintegration of a party that claims to be the oldest regional party,” it claimed.
Claiming that the Government’s statement was mature and straightforward based on facts and accurate data, “unlike the rhetoric of the NPF and the NPCC”, the NDPP reiterated that the State Government rightly stated that the present situation is much improved in comparison to the earlier decades. “Today there is relative peace and harmony and the credit for that goes to all sections, especially the civil societies and the tribal hohos including the church and NGOs.”
On governance and decision making, the NDPP said all must uphold the democratic spirit and principle at all times. “We cannot take the State back to the period of the 1960s by trying to bring back Article 371 (A) (1) (b). The Nagaland Legislative Assembly had passed a resolution to this effect in a democratic manner and in the interest of democracy,” it said.
Claiming that since the NPF and the Congress are alliance partners, having fielded a consensus candidate for the last Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket, the party said it is not surprising to observe that the roadmap of the two parties are on the same track. “Their political stand also seems to be the same as both the parties have opted to remain quite on Naga political issue,” it alleged.
The NDPP also rejected the demand of the NPF secretary general for the PDA Government to step down, as stated in a television discussion, “as there is no reason whatsoever and such political gimmick will not convince the people.”
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