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‘We continue to fight old battles’: Governor on Statehood Day eve

La Ganesan

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 30: Governor La Ganesan has listed unemployment, quest for enduring peace, equitable growth and rapid advancement as some of the battles that continue to confront the citizens of Nagaland.
In the Governor’s customary message on the eve of Nagaland Statehood Day, Ganesan said that progress over the decades has come with new and emerging challenges.
“Unemployment, the quest for enduring peace, equitable growth and rapid advancement are battles we continue to fight. The dream of progress must touch every corner, every pocket of Nagaland. Residents of the hills and the valleys alike, each one must feel the winds of change, for a harmonious and prosperous State is shaped only by the collective progress of its people”, he said.
While extending greetings on the occasion of 61st Statehood Day, he reminded that “we must also express our profound gratitude to the pioneers and leaders of Nagaland”.
“Their vision, tenacity and immense contributions have sculpted the contours of this diverse and resilient State. We remember and celebrate them today as we rekindle their dreams, affirming once again to carry forward their legacy with honour and pride. I truly hope that we can live up to their ideals of peace, harmony, progress and development.
“Our journey since Statehood has been remarkable filled with achievements that resonate with the spirit of every Naga. Opportunities have been created, infrastructures developed and the quality of life has improved. Yet, to ensure a peaceful and prosperous Nagaland, the responsibility rests with every citizen. Each one of us has a significant part to play and together, we can shape a future we can all be proud to partake in. I am in awe of the invincible spirit of our people. We have weathered many storms with unyielding determination but have always remained hopeful for brighter days. Our perseverance and undying faith serve as the cornerstone of our identity”, read the message.
The Governor identified cultural diversity as the bedrock of Nagaland. “We must strive persistently to strengthen and safeguard our cultural roots. This diversity, a unique orchestra of languages, traditions, and cultures, epitomises the essence we bring to our nation.
“We must build upon the quality of our inherent sense of community, a bond that binds us across tribes and languages. It is a testament to the unity in diversity that transcends tribes, languages, and customs. This shared sense of belonging and mutual support forms an invaluable network that effectively binds each tribe together, creating a strong social fabric refined by centuries of interconnected experiences”, he said.
Further, Ganesan reminded that the Naga sense of community also acts as a cultural legacy, fostering values of respect and collective responsibility. “It is a time-tested tool, dispelling disparities, enabling collaborations and assuring that no one is left behind. Drawing from this strength, I believe, we are ~ and we will continue to be ~ capable of helping overcome any challenges and adversities, with unity and courage”, he said.
The Governor urged all citizens of the State to contribute towards shaping a Nagaland that “embodies our dreams and aspirations”.
“Let’s strive towards creating a society where everyone’s potential can find a true expression, accelerating all-round socio-economic development, sustainable peace and a brighter future for our generations to come. Let us march forward, our spirits bound by unity and a shared vision of a prosperous Nagaland”, he said.
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