Friday, April 19, 2024
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We can defeat BJP nominee in the President Election

Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi had reached out and deliberated the issue of the upcoming Presidential Election with Shri Sharad Pawar, President, NPC, Smt. Mamata Banerjee, Chairperson, TMC and some other Opposition leaders.
I wish the meeting with Smt Mamata Banerjee on 15th June 2022 evolves a consensus opinion to nominate the Opposition candidate.
India needs a President that can check and balance the functioning of Government in India. We cannot afford to have another rubber stamp President.
We all know President has no legislative duties. Anti-defection law is applicable to legislative functionaries only. As such, Political parties have no authority to issue Whip or direct MLAs and MPs. It is purely an individual conscious vote. This is the opportune time for the privileged to express the inner feeling of the people they represent.
India has lost peace due to religious divide. Economy of India is no way better than Sri Lanka. It is agriculture that is holding India from starvation. They are sucking the citizens’ economy through petroleum products which is responsible for price hike on every material.
The Trio Gujarat dictatorship rules India. They use BJP Members as lifeless chessboard pawns. Inner democracy is unknown. Hon’ble Prime Minster’s Mann Ki Baat is one-way traffic. It is only to hypnotize citizens to follow without questioning.
There is a serious need to check corruption. BJP is alleged to have printed several lakhs of crores of rupees from demonetization. They claim more than 99% of the old notes have returned. This is not true. There are lakhs of crores that could not be returned for fear of Income Tax punishment. They have raised Rafale jet price from 681.7crores to 1638 crores and are alleged to have looted more than 30,000 crores. They have sold National properties at low prices perhaps for high commissions. They demand commission from every project that is sanctioned. They have constructed palatial Office building at Delhi at the cost of 700 crores within no time.
India needs a socialist, secular, democratic President to protect the Constitution of India, to bridge the religious divide, to stop misuse of central government agencies such as NIA, CBI, ED, ECI and Judiciary as political tools and weapons and also to protect the nation’s institutions.
All the Christian Chief Ministers of States like Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland are under NDA. Andhra Pradesh’s CM Shri Jagan Mohon Reddy, Christian, supports BJP issue based. Christian States’ CMs have about 6% of the total value of votes. NDA has 48.80% and non-NDA 51.20%.
I hope they will use their vote to tell the BJP that the inner mind of Christians is for peace, unity and progress. We believe in non-violence and forgiveness and not hate or violence.
Every MLA and MP’s vote is crucial for the people in the nation. The value of vote for each MP is 708. Value of MLAs’ vote differs from state to state according to population with the highest of 208 for UP and Sikkim with the lowest at 7. For Nagaland, each MLA’s vote value is 9. Your vote will be accounted toward the next election by the public you represent.
K. Therie