Saturday, July 24, 2021

WCYO Biennial Sports meet held

Dimapur, January 12: WCYO Biennial Sports Meet held at Bade village came to an end today. Guest of Honour at the closing function Kudecho Khamo, former NDPP candidate and Chairman, Entrepreneurs Development Agency, in his address said it is God’s providence that have brought the youth from the community to this particular platform in Dimapur which is considered the best in the state.
He said though Dimapur is inhabited by citizens of different communities speaking different languages and having diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds, is a shining example of the beauty of unity in diversity.
Khamo said the youth should not expect others to build their future but should make plans for their own future as the doors of opportunity lie open before them. Stating that sports today is not just a hobby but a serious career option, he said only the fittest can survive in the arena and exhorted the youth to strive for the highest level of perfection not only in sports but in all disciplines.
Khamo also urged the youth to protect their identity, uphold their honesty and guard their integrity at all costs.
Also addressing the programme, Dietho Rhakho, President, Western Chakhesang Hoho (WCH) stressed on the importance of participating in sporting activity. He said although through technology we can develop skills it is also important to inculcate physical activity to maintain a healthy and fit body for which participation in games and sports not only benefits the body but also rejuvenates the mind.
He also appreciated the purpose of the Sports Meet and urged the gathering to continue the good hardworking nature the citizens of the community are known for.
The acknowledgement led by WCYO President Likalo Letro expressed deep appreciation to the Guest of Honour, prize sponsors, referee board and all the well wishers who made immense contributions towards the success of the sports meet. The closing programme was chaired by Nukuzo Vero, VP, Special Praise by Tekhengulo-ü Kapfo, vote of thanks proposed by Wekupe Therie, Jt. Secy. and the closing prayer pronounced by Wezelo-u Nakro, Women Associate Pastor, CBC, Bade.
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List of winners:
1. Football – Winner Sodzulhou.
1st Runner up- Bade
2nd Runner up- Jalukie Zangdi.
2. Volleyball Men
Winner — Diezephe.
Runner-up–7th Mile
3.Volleyball women
Winner–Jalukie Zangdi.
1st Runner up–Bade.
4. Relay race men
Winner –7thmile
1st Runner up — Diezephe
2nd Runner up — Unity
5. Relay race ( women)
Winner– Diezephe.
1st runner up– Bade.
2nd runner up– Medziphema.
6. Men Badminton doubles
Winner — Dimapur Town.
Runner up — Medziphema.
7. Women Badminton Doubles.
Winner– Diezephe.
Runner up– Chumukedima.
Individual Winners:
1. Best footballer : Kuvezo (Bade)
2. Best Goal keeper : Tasalo Pfote (Naga United)
3. Highest scorer in football : Vehukho Chuzho (Diezephe)
4. Best Mens Volleyballer: Zapove (7th mile)
5. Best Mens Volleyball lifter: Mudozhoi Shiloh (Diezephe)
6. Best Woman ball lifter : Ngonulu Cheshi (Jalukie Zangdi)
7. Best lifter woman volley Ball: Muzivolu Keyho (Bade)
The Group Champion title was lifted by Diezephe Unit while the Best Disciplines Team was bagged by Toulazouma Unit.