Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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WC,NNPGs seeks Naga people’s co-operation

The dreadful pandemic in 2020, its resurgence in 2021, the ongoing farmer’s stir in the Indian capital and the elections in various Indian states have dented the hope for an early signing of the Indo-Naga political settlement. Nevertheless, there is a strong undercurrent within the corridors of power in New Delhi that the Indo-Naga political talks, which concluded with both negotiating Naga political entities, resolving all fundamental issues with GoI as on 31st Oct.2019, with unresolved matters to be tackled through democratic process. The recognition and restoration of Naga historical position and principled stand, restructuring and reform of political and administrative landscape which is honourable and acceptable will take place on the basis of Agreed Position signed on 17th Nov. 2017. This will be announced and implemented through mutually agreed Political Agreement between Nagas and GoI.
WC, NNPGs believes the days of propaganda have been replaced by hard facts and practical route for solution. All major and minor Naga tribes as well as village chieftains and GBs in towns, who are the real source of power and authority at the grassroots level, also the indigenous non-Naga communities, have crystal clear understanding of the position of the GoI vis-a-vis the Status Paper of WC, NNPGs, which was shared with Naga tribes and apex civil societies.
From the signing of Agreed Position on 17th Nov. 2017 and from day one of the negotiations, Indo-Naga political issue encompassed Naga inhabited areas in the Indian states of Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and in Myanmar. The neighbouring communities have been consulted on the impending solution. There should be no confusion whatsoever.
WC, NNPGs is concerned by dubious narrative from unman dated elements such as the Naga Hoho and its past officials who continue to throng regional TV debate to stay relevant. Parrots are good source of entertainment although limited in their tune and vocabulary. They say and repeat only what they are taught. Nagas must stay alert against such foolhardy narrators with parrot mentality. WC hopes that these leaders would wake up from their slumber sooner than later.
WC, NNPGs is equally appalled by the influx of habitual defectors into Niki Sumi’s group. WC, NNPGs is appreciative of the fact that the group has come around heeding to the call of the people for one solution. It is noteworthy too that the group is prepared to accept and honour the impending Indo-Naga solution. Therefore, in the interest of Nagas, WC, NNPGs calls upon Gen. Niki Sumi to relieve from assignments and send back all defectors belonging to seven NNPG groups to respective parent organisation. WC, NNPGs recognises only those national workers numbering hundred or so who came over from Myanmar with Gen. Niki Sumi. All defectors must return to respective organisations within a week. It is also the moral and ethical duty of all political leaders, tribal and community leaders and families to encourage and recall defectors to rejoin parent groups. Defection is anti-Naga act at this juncture and will be treated accordingly.
Reportedly Gen. Niki Sumi’s group is being treated cordially with all daily expenses and basic amenities by Indian security forces and state government with direct orders from MHA and as such WC appeals to the group to desist from burdening Naga public with tax demands through threats and intimidations. The summoning of non-local traders through rear gate in one of the group’s location in Dimapur is reportedly a daily affair. WC feels this is a time for all groups to reason, reassess and forge a path to common future. It is not a time to pull a political stunt, create fear psychosis and indulge in rampant taxation.
WC, NNPGs appeal to all Nagas to be steadfast physically, morally and spiritually. When honorable and acceptable Indo-Naga political happens, despite artificial boundaries, our aspiration as one people will be strengthened in flesh and spirit.
Media Cell, WC, NNPGs