Monday, April 15, 2024
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WC, NNPGs takes on profiling of National Workers through Govt. employees

The WC, NNPGs is deeply disturbed at Nagaland state Chief Secretary’s order to all government employees to identify in format their immediate blood relations serving in various Naga political groups. This is unprecedented, ominous and requires a second look.
From the time when the British first appeared on the landscape of Naga homeland in early 19th century to WW I till pre-independent India, the Nagas rendered great service to the British crown as Labour Corp 1916-18, thousands of Nagas fought for the British and participated in WW II. Nagas held important jobs under British occupied Naga homeland based on merit; their fierce battle acumen, diplomatic skills in intra village, clan feuds and exemplary loyalty as allies and friends.
Post independent India when Nagas were denied the right to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct historical and political identity, conflict began. Over the decades, thousands of blood relatives of Naga revolutionaries have held Indian government jobs yet they never ceased to contribute intellectually, emotionally and economically to the Naga cause. Although meshed in Indian fabric, their loyalty and blood always belonged to Nagaland. It was never a blood allegiance to India. God bless these past patriots and their offsprings!
Today there are thousands of Nagas who holds distinguished responsibilities in India and abroad as diplomats, scientists, peacekeepers, administrators, police and military officers, having cleared prestigious Indian competitive exams like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, IMA, CDS, NPSC etc., by dint of faith, hard work, efficiency and perseverance in their respective fields. There is no denying each of these efficient men and women have blood relations in the Naga cause. The state government’s order is a slap on the face of every elite servant!
The government of the day has proved yet again that it is a remorseless gang of political lunatics and buffoons, at the mercy of dirty number game, bereft of reasoning or conscience to cling to power. They are converged and clamouring only to pick cherries, even willing to uproot the very tree which grew amidst the pain and sufferings of Naga people. What ungrateful creatures!
Currently there could be more than a lakh government employees in Nagaland. Every single one from HoD down to grade IV employee has blood relative standing for the Naga national cause. Are there no men of guts and intellect to grasp the social and historical implications to advice the CM on such intricate emotional issue? The political negotiations between GOI and WC, NNPGs is not like their pathetic musical chair game. Why profile and segregate Nagas like Jews during WW II?
During general elections 2018, the daily campaign talking point was resolving Indo-Naga issue at the earliest. The manifesto of the ruling parties clearly says all sections of Nagas have involved, suffered, given blood and tears, calling for early acceptable and honorable solution. Where has this narrative vanished and why the segregation if all sections of people have contributed and suffered equally? Perhaps the time has come to identify those who have always talked of solution but worked hard to sabotage genuine Naga solution. It is also a defining moment for many to truthfully say that they have no connection to Naga cause then or now, that theirs is just an electoral politics to stay in power, that their parents, grandparents had always stayed away from Naga movement and no contribution made to the cause. There is no shame in spilling the truth.
WC, NNPGs asserts that as per the order of the Nagaland Chief Secretary, the first form must be filled up by Nagaland state cabinet, legislators and all heads of departments since all comes under the purview of the same order. The truth is 98% employees have political, emotional, spiritual affinity and blood connection with the cause.
Indo-Naga political settlement that is enduring, inclusive peaceful co-existence with due regard to contemporary political realities, is what GOI and WC, NNPGs, as two entities, have worked upon. By this, GOI will accommodate Nagas politically giving sufficient space for Nagas to exercise our sovereign rights over land and resources, cultural identity, acknowledging political and historical right, safeguarded and entrenched through constitutional mechanism. The same rights and privileges will be extended to Naga inhabited area and our people in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh through Regional Territorial Councils in while an administrative arrangement with a degree of autonomy for Nagas in Assam has been agreed on, without altering any state boundary. The status paper has been shared with the state government, Tribal Hohos, GBs, Civil Societies and Nagas at large. Incredibly, the state government has issued order to identify Naga national workers through their relatives serving the state government. It is not a necessary step. Perhaps the impending Indo-Naga political settlement could terrify many into making such critical errors.
It is also true that from the early days of Naga struggle, there were many opportunists and parasitical Nagas who became double agents and started passing vital information to enemies, leading to death and destruction of lives and properties. Many traitors were deservingly punished. Nevertheless, overcoming treacheries and betrayals, Naga villages and town dwellers heroically shouldered the responsibility, feeding the freedom fighters to this day. Each era breeds a small section of anti-national minds yet these do not deter the millions of Nagas desiring a political solution that respects and honours Naga history and identity.
If there is an embezzlement of public wealth, why identify and stigmatise National workers and their relatives serving in the state government? The chief secretary could easily identify the cash cows from small home sparrows in all ministries and departments. Where does corruption begin? From recruitments, supply works, contract tender fee demands, percentage cuts on all government works. The firms and dividuals are forced to deduct substantial amount for ruling party, concerned minister, department heads, division heads and subordinate officials etc. This is just one area of corruption that is crippling Nagas. The art of stealing public money is best taught and practiced by Nagaland government. Whom do they hand over the public money to? The real national workers and their relatives are being victimised. This is unforgivable.
Those in power must understand that the chairs on which they seat today are sourced from Naga freedom struggle. The pillars of Nagaland state rests on the sacrifices of thousand lives. Today the Naga sentiment and pride is hurt to the core.
To the Naga brethren employed in state government, WC, NNPGs believes it is a time, be proud of the fact that your grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and other blood relatives past or present served and continue to serve our motherland. Our history and blood sacrifices cannot be hidden even while serving in Indian offices. Indian government offices is still a poor substitute to our powerful identity as a nation and people.