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WC NNPGs slams ‘declaration’ by Manipur NPF

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DIMAPUR, JANUARY 21: The Working Committee, Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) has slammed the “signed declaration” allegedly made by the 4 Manipur Naga NPF members calling upon the Government of India “to resurrect the Framework Agreement”.
According to WC NNPGs, the 4 Manipur Naga NPF members who allegedly made the “signed declaration” on January 12 were Awangbou, L Dikho, K Leishiyo and Khashim Vashum.
“It is a blot to NPF party as a whole. An ill-advised step it is, to call upon the Government of India (GoI) to resurrect the Framework Agreement (FA) which is more a deformed document without head or tail, shape or form for Nagas to describe”, the WC said in a statement.
“The continuous attempt to erase the special status of Nagaland and the guarantees for the Nagas is clearly visible in Manipur Nagas NPF exercise. Such prejudiced declaration without knowing the subject matter does not augur well for Naga unity and brotherhood now and in the future. Whether or not NPF HQ at Kohima subscribes to such jeopardizing, haphazard declarations is for the party to clarify”, it said. (Read Full Text) 
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