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WC-NNPGs seeks clarity from Nagaland Govt on Indo-Naga issue

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DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 7: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC-NNPGs) has asked whether the Opposition-less Nagaland Government would “choose to remain in a state of slave-master electoral mentality, indulging in impractical political innuendos” at a time when Naga tribes have expressed utmost urgency for practical and honourable solution to the Indo-Naga issue.

A press release issued by the Committee on Sunday asserted that ‘clarity’ from the Nagaland Government ~ “a ready facilitator which is a Constitutional arm and also privy to Gol (Government of India) position” ~ is important.
“As people’s elected representatives, it is time to be real statesmen, agents of inter-generational reformers. If the intention is real, the true meaning of Opposition-less Government is to translate words into practical action. WC believes this is the perfect God-gifted time for the State Government to facilitate the expressed will of the people of Nagaland”, it stated.
The Committee also cautioned that Naga tribes and history will one day unearth names of leaders of today, who either assisted or played spoilsport in the imminent Indo-Naga political solution.
“Today Nagas leaders must fight for, and retain, real Naga identity that many have lost in the hunt for name, fame and power. Real Naga political history and identity was moral uprightness, sound judgement, leadership skill, honesty, physical strength with hard labour, bravery, martial spirit, generosity, comradeship, community service and honourable and respectful existence”, read the press release.
According to the Committee, the arrival of AK Mishra as the Centre’s new representative in the Indo-Naga matter has given greater optimism and hope to the Naga people.
It is time Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah announce honourable and acceptable political solution to Indo-Naga conflict, it asserted.
Again, the Committee maintained that all the negotiating groups have concluded the talks on October 31, 2019.
“This is the official position of the Gol. Working Committee NNPGs and Gol ‘Agreed Position’ and the subsequent Status Paper is the result of thousands of consultative hours put in by WC leaders with Naga tribal leaders, current and past Naga Legislators and Parliamentarians, Naga intellectuals, neighbouring community leaders in Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. It is with this clear and firm understanding of the past history, present scenario and future partnership that both Nagas and Gol will and must entrench relationship.
“Gol and WC-NNPGs blueprint of the proposed Indo-Naga political solution is not Nagaland State centric. It guarantees adequate political and administrative space and scope for divided Nagas in Manipur, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh to protect ancestral land, resources, culture and traditions through redefined political structure. While there is a great necessity to promote, preserve and strengthen Naga history, identity, culture, customs and traditions beyond the present Nagaland state, the reality and the practical existence of Nagas under various political and administrative boundaries cannot be ignored as the Gol has made it very clear that State boundaries, as of now, won’t alter”, it further read.
The Nagaland Government, it pointed out, represents the people of 60 Constituencies in the State.

The desire and aspiration of the 14 indigenous Naga tribes, minority tribes and non-indigenous communities of Nagaland, Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC), Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) Eastern Naga People’s Organisation (ENPO), Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) etc., must be respected, the Committee maintained.
“Who is the stumbling block between Nagas and Gol in the impending solution? The real Naga identity is much more than flag or constitution; if it is the real Naga identity, why did they not resolve it in 1997 in the initial years of negotiations? That the matters of flag and constitution were dug out after 20 years of talks when WC signed Agreed Position with Gol on 17th November 2017 and with Gol recognising the right to Naga self-determination in consonance with their distinct history and identity, it became increasingly obsessive component for some each passing day, this says something else all together”, it stated. (Page News Service)