Saturday, September 30, 2023
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WC, NNPGs rejoinder to NPF Manipur state declaration

The signed declaration by the four Manipur Naga NPF members namely, Awangbou, L. Dikho, K. Leishiyo and Khashim Vashum Naga People’s Front (NPF), Manipur state, dated 12/01/22, has greatly hurt the sentiment of the people of Nagaland. It is a blot to NPF party as a whole. An ill-advised step it is, to call upon the government of India (GoI) to resurrect the Framework Agreement (FA) which is more a deformed document without head or tail, shape or form for Nagas to describe.
Since early 2017, following the non-disclosure of the content of Framework Agreement to the tribes, the secrecy over Naga historical and political matters and their future raised serious questions and they remain unanswered till today. The democratic and free spirited Nagas who are not used to being unanswered or silenced have made their decision. The Naga tribes, NTC, NGBF, ENPO, CNTC, the Church, Mothers associations, Student bodies, young and elderly Naga intellectuals and other civil societies demanded transparency on the Naga issue. On 17th November 2017, Agreed Position between GoI and WC, NNPGs changed the dynamics of political negotiations. It answered all questions, recognised the past, addressed the present and entrenched great hope for the future. Transparency and consultation being the key, all stakeholders have been day to day observers and contributors to political negotiations between GoI and WC.
The continuous attempt to erase the special status of Nagaland and the guarantees for the Nagas is clearly visible in Manipur Nagas NPF exercise. Such prejudiced declaration without knowing the subject matter do not augur well for Naga unity and brotherhood now and in the future. Whether or not NPF HQ at Kohima subscribe to such jeopardizing, haphazard declarations is for the party to clarify.
WC, NNPGs would advice Manipur Naga NPF members to confine their limited knowledge of Indo-Naga issue to themselves and not confuse other Nagas. The statement violates the principle of non interference of political parties in the negotiations between GoI and Nagas because constitutionally the four NPF declarants owe allegiance to Indian constitution. To claim that NPF is the only party to stand for the right of Nagas is utterly foolish. NPF is one of the many Indian political parties registered under Election Commission of India.
The four Manipur Naga signatories, therefore, must explain to WC and the Naga people at the earliest the power sharing deal as stated in FA, “…sharing the sovereign power as defined in the competencies reached the Agreement on the 3rd August 2015 as honourable solution”. Let them reveal the power sharing mechanism and competencies that has been withheld from Naga people till date. Any explanation must have legal and constitutional validity as an indenture without which Framework Agreement is a mere tool to delay political solution and to keep Nagaland under siege in collusion between NPF and anti-solution agents.
The ruling coalition government of Nagaland appear to be nailed to the wall. Manipur state NPF unit, a local entity and agent bereft of authority barking at its own shadow at a wrong time is unwise. The erroneous political gamble by NPF stands exposed. The agenda set up by fringe elements is against the people. The government of Nagaland is liable to answer for insulting the intelligence of the people of Nagaland.
Given the stated position of the GoI that integration of Naga inhabited areas is untenable at present, as Framework Agreement signatories in 2015 duly, agreeably understood and appreciated the intricacies of the Indian system, as such, WC, NNPGs is absolutely firm that in order to safeguard the Political and historical right of the Nagas and to self determine their future in consonance with their distinct identity, as per Agreed position signed on 17th Nov. 2017, between GoI and WC,NNPGs, the indigenous identity, character and topography of Nagas of Nagaland, Nagas of Manipur, Nagas of Arunachal and Nagas of Assam must be retained, preserved and strengthened. Therefore, in the event of any political agreement with the government of India, only Nagas indigenous to these political demarcations shall append their signatures representing respective states or areas. The political negotiations are over and in order to ensure that provisions of the agreement in respective Naga areas are meticulously and effectively implemented in letter and spirit, all Naga National workers, upon signing political agreement, must return to their respective ancestral Naga inhabited areas to restrengthen and forge greater Naga historical and political identity.
Media Cell, WC, NNPGs.