WC, NNPGs is intact and has clear objective


The WC, NNPGs is deeply pained at the statements issued in the name of NNC(Parent Body) which appeared in the local dailies.
When the Political talks started between GOI and WC in Oct. 2017, President of NNC (Parent Body) Z Royim Yimchunger and CCM colleagues Endorsed Mr. V Nagi, General Secretary to represent the group, subsequently he was made one of the five Co-conveners of WC, representing NNGPGs, in the ongoing political dialogue with the GOI. Almighty God touched and used each leader to respect, inspire and accept the other. This spirit of comradeship will guide all the leaders even in future.
It is but a natural human tendency that when so many senior national leaders, each a committed nationalist, having his own ideology and political orientation, so also human follies and weaknesses, come together for a common political vision, personality and ego clashes do become inevitable.
While all the leaders admirably maintained their composure and temperament in a dignified manner even in the most difficult moments such as at WC leaders’ meetings and negotiating table, unfortunately on many occasions Mr V Nagi’s aggressive tone and volatile temperament broke the chain and began to effect the morale of Naga delegation. The political dialogue too became stretched, tense and damp with little progress and negative energy slowly seeping in despite the agreed position signed between GOI and the Nagas.
A decision had to be taken to maintain the tempo of the political dialogue. The great hope and responsibility bestowed by the Naga people upon the WC was being tested.
Convener and four other Co-conveners on 05.05.2018 addressed President of NNC(Parent Body) Mr. Z Royim Yimchunger to replace the then Co-convener Mr. V Nagi with a senior leader possessing maturity, patience and character capable of analysing both soft and harsh criticisms with a clear political mind.
As per the order of the president NNC (Parent Body) made available to Convener WC and other Co-conveners, on 6th June 2018, the Central Executive Council Members of NNC (Parent Body) convened a meeting at Dimapur and endorsed Mr. Toshi Walling to represent the group as Co-convener of WC, NNPGs, replacing Mr. V Nagi. Since then, Mr. Toshi Walling Co-convener and Mr. Liangkebo Zeliang are representing the group. The co-ordination n respect among the leaders and members is unmistakable.
The WC is intact with all six NNPGs adequately represented with Convener and five Co-conveners, along with other members.
The present Indo-Naga political negotiation is a work in progress. WC, NNPGs hopes that Mr. V Nagi, as Committed National leader and General Secretary, would exercise wisdom and work closely with President Mr. Z Royim Yimchunger and Co-convener WC, Mr. Toshi Walling, CEC member, to take the ongoing dialogue to a logical conclusion.
Henceforth, WC, NNPGs would not issue any statement on this matter.


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