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WC, NNPGs endorses NSCN (R) ex-VP’s expulsion

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DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 21: The Working Committee of Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) has endorsed the decision of NSCN (R) to expel its former Vice President Akato Chophy.
In a statement issued on Sunday, the Committee maintained that Akato’s removal from the WC platform would have no negative bearing on the stature of the NNPGs or “the concluded formal talks”.
“It is rather a boon that a habitual defector with deceptive disposition has alienated

himself from the people. It must also be understood that the issue within the NSCN (R) is not an ideological issue but rather an unconstitutional, unacceptable and unethical trait of Mr. Akato to also remain a finance minister, tax collector, treasury officer and a cashier! This was the crux of the problem. It has nothing to do with the ongoing political process with the GoI”, read the statement.
According to the Committee, while “betraying” the NSCN(R), Akato has also “deeply wounded and offended Naga tribes and civil societies” at this juncture. “A person who had defected on multiple occasions from one to another organisation for his personal glory and monetary gain should not talk about constitution of NSCN”, it stated.
The Committee said it was most unfortunate that Akato had “chosen to defy” the undertaking signed on October 22 this year. The earnest mediations and reasoning by the WC Convener and Co-Conveners to reconcile and bury the differences within NSCN (R), which he agreed and signed in black and white, has been discarded, it stated.
“This points to the characteristics of a man without conscience, ready to betray his nation and own comrades for monetary gains”, it added.
Further, the WC, NNPGs asserted that “the mentality” to float a new group at this hour “is exasperating, a shame to society and a disgrace to his own community”.
“His assertion of splitting from NSCN (R) and retaining the same nomenclature holds no basis since he is already ex-communicated from the NSCN (R) and deviated from NNPGs principle. Henceforth, he possesses no moral authority to represent the Naga political issue in any capacity. Indeed it is a huge embarrassment before the Nagas and the world that an individual without an iota of integrity attempted to undermine the sanctity of the impending solution to the Indo-Naga political issue”, the statement read. It urged “those national workers” stationed at Hoito village with Akato, “unaware of the ground reality”, to return to their legitimate NSCN (R) fold headed by President Y Wangtin Naga and Ato Kilonser P Tikhak.

“This is a Naga issue and not of the clan, personal affinity or family connections. This is time to contribute to nation building and not idol worshipping. The dissident elements with mala fide intention will have no role to play in the Naga polity and every right thinking Naga citizens including the business community must desist from extending any form of sympathy, material, financial supports or taxation”, it stated.
The Committee assured to resolutely uphold the decision of 14 Naga tribal hohos and other frontal Naga organisations to not entertain formation of any new political faction.
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