Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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WC NNPGs clarifies on Naga flag, constitution


Dimapur, October 28: The Working Group, Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has rubbished allegations from different quarters that it has forfeited the demands for Naga national flag or constitution.
“To brand the WC of NNPGs as having forfeited the demands for flag or constitution is bereft of truth when even the door for sovereignty and integration has not been sealed or culminated beyond redemption but to be pursued through peaceful, democratic approaches,” said a clarification from the media cell, WC NNPG.
On the status of Naga flag, the WC said, “Whether a God given covenant or a manmade emblem, the rainbow flag embossed below with David’s star had been in sacred utility since the dawn of Naga struggle and no group or entity intend to emasculate the same either before of post solution.”
The WC maintained that it would be the “democratic and popularly elected Tatar Hoho and Leacy Hoho as elected and empowered by the Naga people” to legislate and legitimise its usage in whatever manner as may deem fit post-solution.
On the perception of National Constitution/Yehzabo allegedly being forfeited by WC, the statement said since the emergence of the semblance of local-self governance as thriving miniature republics in all Naga villages, independently or co-independently, the Nagas has by and large practiced conventions based on hereditary, customary and traditional ethos.
“There had never been any written or codified system of law, order or administration of justice hitherto except for the modern courts post-British-India era, however in cases involving Naga traditional and customary conflicts even the state/regional high courts or the Indian supreme court, the cases are usually referred back to the customary local courts for final adjudication,” it said.
However, the WC stated that should modern circumstances so necessitates, the best Naga minds can broaden their intellect and with combined wisdom and expertise drawn from every tribe and community codify the law and put up for legislation by the Tatar and Leacy Hoho(s) as in consonance with the realities of times.
“It is thus too pre-mature to depreciate the Agreed Position between the WC and GOI on mere scepticism,” it added. (Page News Service)