Saturday, June 19, 2021
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WC, NNPGs and NCD resolve issues amicably


Dimapur, November 10: The WC, NNPGs and the Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) met today at Dimapur, in the spirit of oneness.
According to a joint press release issued by Alezo Venuh, Coordinator, WC NNPGs, and T Bangerloba Ao, President, NCD and Ghokheto Chophy, Co-Convenor, PAC, it was acknowledged that owing to hectic political parleys, a communication gap developed which resulted in the misconception and misunderstanding between Public Action Committee (PAC), an organ of NCD and WC, NNPGs.
However, a fruitful deliberation took place where the status of the Indo-Naga political talks was briefed to NCD councillors and also all issues were resolved amicably.
Both sides prayed for an early inking of the Indo-Naga political agreement and pledged to work together in the interest of the Naga people and for the younger generation.
(Page News Service)