Monday, March 8, 2021

WASA sports meet begins

WASA sports
Zhaleo Rio, IAS(Retd.), Advisor, Sericulture, Excise & Minority Affairs, Nagaland, been gifted with a carved portrait

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 22: The Western Sumi Sports Association kick-started its annual sporting meet on Monday with Zhaleo Rio, Advisor for Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, as special guest at Kuhoxu village in Niuland subdivision, Dimapur.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Zhaleo Rio acknowledged the elaborate efforts of the host village. He called upon the youngsters to be disciplined and at the same time, opt for proper guidance and training through all available means.
He also informed that there are job opportunities through reservation for outstanding sportspersons provided they specialise and excel in their disciplines. While advising that hard work and commitment are vital, he reminded everyone to remember the adage, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% luck”.
Sharing a message of unity, Zhaleo said, “We should be able to accommodate and consider the interest of other fellow beings.”
It is only through unity that peace can prevail in a community and society, he said while adding that progress and development are precursors of a united society.
Stating that Sumi Nagas are ideal examples of cooperation and coordination, Zhaleo added that Nagas have much to learn from them. He appealed that they lead other tribes by discarding all isms in order to develop unity for the uplift of Dimapur district in particular. (Page News Service)