Monday, March 1, 2021
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War-like situation in Sihai, says NSCN (IM)


Dimapur, April 29: The NSCN (IM) today claimed that there is “war-like” situation in Sihai village under Ukhrul District of Manipur after Assam Rifles troops started camping there to flush out its members from a camp established near Indo-Mynamar border.
A senior member of the NSCN (IM) said that the Assam Rifles are in no mood to withdraw their forces from the area.
Sihai village is situated some 50 kilometers from Ukhrul town near the Indo-Myanmar border.
He said that community people are not happy over the development and have decided to approach the Assam Rifles authorities to demand withdrawal of the troops.
He also informed that NSCN authorities will meet the CFMG chairman on Tuesday.
Claiming that the order to flush out the NSCN cadres came from the DGMO, the NSCN leader disclosed that the Assam Rifles troops are camping inside and within the vicinity of the village.
When asked as to why the Assam Rifles took the action against the NSCN, he said that the camp was established some 6 to 7 months back, which the security forces have termed as not a designated camp and asked to vacate.
Describing how the standoff started, he said that the Assam Rifles came earlier stating that the camp was not a designated camp, but after they received direction from the higher up, they have come to flush out the NSCN cadres from the camp.
He said the civil population would come to the village Tuesday and pursue the Assam Rifles to move out, which would also be followed by a rally.
He disclosed that the problem started on Thursday last, but the situation seems to be aggravating now with the arrival of more forces.
The NSCN (IM) today held its ceasefire review committee meeting and took stock of the situation in Manipur.
Speaking to media persons, Convenor of Ceasefire Monitoring Cell, Karaibo Chawang said that the problem is not from the NSCN side, but from the Assam Rifles side.
“We are in search of peace, we want to be friendly and earnestly looking for peace,” he said.
He also informed that peace talks are in advanced stage, only two points needs to be settled to arrive at a final solution.
About the current impasse in Sihai village, Chawang said that they had communicated to the higher-ups in Delhi, who have offered safe passage to the NSCN cadres. “This is an insult to the Nagas,” he said.
He said in 2010 with the mutual understanding with IGAR (S), Maj Gen Gurung, two noted camps existed at Chatric and Grihang in Manipur for nearly 10 years. But recently Chatric camp was also vacated saying it was not a designated camp. Earlier, Khangkhui Shiroy forest area designated camp, which was allotted in 2008 was vacated by the then CFMG chairman, Gen Kulkarni in 2009.
On March 1 this year, during the CFMG meeting, Col Joshi, GS of IGAR also stated that there is no designated camp in Ukhrul district. Since NSCN army has been misplaced, they have no place to stay, he stated.
Chawang stated that Government of India is playing down the issue on the pretext that there is no designated camp and create situation in Sihai/Khamasom. “Perhaps it is to create situation in Ato Kilonser’s home town and jeopardize the political talks,” he alleged. He also appealed to the CFMG chairman to allow their cadres to return to Khangkui Shiroy camp.
Chawang further said should anything go wrong, all designated camps have been asked to stay alert.
Meanwhile, sources said that today para-commandoes have been brought by two choppers, which has made the situation very tense.
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