Thursday, December 3, 2020

WAPO on Naga Club-NSF controversy

Dimapur, October 30: The Western Angami Public Organization (WAPO) today said that the Naga Club-NSF controversy should be understood and responded to correctly to prevent needless damage to the health of young Naga family.
The WAPO agreed to the widespread disappointment amongst the public that the matter of celebration of Naga Club’s formation has become a wounding controversy.
In a statement, WAPO president, Lhouphrevilie Rino and general secretary, Keviphotsü Khwuükha the difference that have surfaced are not surprising given the context of accelerating crises in which the struggling society’s leaders are compelled to make decisions for their progress into the future.
Paying tribute to the leaders and their unyielding, often thankless efforts to take the people forward on the roadmap that Nagas have inherited from the history, the WAPO called upon the leaders to inspire one another and the public to meet the increasing challenges properly so that “we may evolve the right way to tomorrow.”
“The important reality we should recognise is this: Naga Club, NSF and all Nagas want to celebrate the centenary for the same reason, namely, to rejoice together as one people that our struggle for our sacred aspirations started with the formation of the Naga Club,” it said adding, “What Naga Club went on to achieve in the following years is history.”
It called for creating a space to resolve the differences by giving sufficient time for consultation. (Page News Service)