Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Wangtin Naga on Gen (Retd) Khango’s impeachment

Y. Wangtin Naga, President NSCN/ GPRN Reformation said, he was shocked at the impeachment of Gen ( Retd) Khango Konyak, its President by NSCN-K at this juncture when Naga people needs the services of senior people who have experienced all situations. Gen (Retd) Khango Konyak was handpicked by SS. Khaplang, the mentor of NSCN- K when he was alive. The main reason why Late SS. Khaplang appointed Khango Konyak as his successor was that, the institution of NSCN-K may not be misused by someone or manipulated by vested interest. When I return back from Mandalay after ceasefire agreement was completed in the month of August 2012, Late SS. Khaplang forewarned me of danger from Myanmar government on Nation wide Ceasefire Agreement issue (NCA) and told me that Naga should not sign NCA under any circumstances, because main idea of NCA was to maintain oneness of Myanmar under single administration and consolidate military system to strengthen union of Myanmar. Thus, Late SS. Khaplang forewarned me to be away from signing of NCA. In fact, I was convener of Naga Myanmar ceasefire group at that time, Late SS. Khaplang strictly forewarned Khango also to be away from NCA because it will amount to surrendering Nagas right for sovereignty.
The present problem for the young leader f NSCN (K) was how to become the part of NCA. Since I also love the Naga Nation want NSCN (K) to be part of said agreement to regain the lost territories. The large junk of Naga fertile valley along with British established Port Towns like Homlin and Khamti including business Towns like Thamanti, Doungdot and Pongpin have gone to Shan community while Port Town Tenai and growing business hub singbwiyang were officially annexed by Kachin state. My idea on signing NCA was that, all these lost territories must be given back to the Nagas by Myanmar government through Official notification.
Thus I have handed over all Myanmar- Naga ceasefire related documents along with Naga map covering all lost territories to Konyak Union- Myanmar, KU (M) instructed them to hand them over to Naga Yuya in the first part of this year 2018. The similar sharing I had with Eastern Naga Students Associaiton (ENSA) on Naga Independence Day this year at Mon Town and told them to meet NSCN (K) leadership and advice them to sign NCA and retrieve back the lost territories and my blessing however they may felt will be with them.
As stated above, since Late SS. Khaplang warned Khango not to participate in NCA business, the latter uphold his late mentor’s advice. Yet, the young leadership of NSCN (K) should convince their leader Khango instead of humiliating him by way of impeachment. In regard, to holding up of multi ministries by Khango, the young Pangmi leaders should recalled back late SS. Khaplang holding up of all important ministries such as Vice – Chairman Post, Ato Kilonser Post, Defense and Home etc but we have never gone against him, rather , I used to traveled all along more than Twenty days hardship journey from Mon to where late.SS. Khaplang was, be it Jummnyu or Teka before ceasefire was signed with union of Myanmar. Meeting was incomplete unless one carried cash amount of few lakhs for his ration and day to day expenditure. Whereas in the case of Khango, he lived in Pangmi are only few hours motorbike ride journey but my beloved Pangmi brothers did not respect and honour their leader instead, they summon him which was first of its kind in the history of Naga National Movement and ultimately Khango Konyak was murdered for non- compliance of their summon. They must recall back how we love and care for late Khaplang and their act openly displayed how cruel and selfish they are. Their acts have drawn line between the Nagas of India and Myanmar. Let us examine how the clear line was drawn by beloved Pangmi brothers between the same brothers of India side Naga leaders and Myanmar Naga leaders:-
(i) The first attacked on Naga of Indian side was killing of the followers of late. Isak SWU and Th. Muivah in 1988 for small misunderstanding. Late. SS. Khaplang directed Konyak Naga Army led by Gen ( Retd) Khole to attack late. Isak Swu and Th. Muivah’s followers and killed hundred of them in Eastern jungle which was very painful and dark chapter in Naga history. After that incident, Konyak people chosed to be with Khaplang.
(ii) The second attacked on Indian side Naga leaders was humiliated Gen. ( Retd) Khole, the then Chief of the Army Staff and N. Kitovi , the then Ato Kilonser in 2011 June where both of the leaders impeached by late Khaplang which should not had happen. Even that incident did not shake the unity of the Konyak with late Khaplang.
(iii) The third attacked on the Naga leaders of Indian side was expulsion of P. Tikhak and me on 27th March 2015 without any hesitation by late SS. Khaplang. This attack came at a sudden without any warning when we fought tooth and nail for his (late Khaplang) cause. Yet, Konyak people led by Khango Konyak chosed to be with SS. Khaplang.
(iv) Fourthly, yet another attack on the leader of Indian side Naga on 17th August 2018 when Khango was impeached by the sapling of late. Khaplang most of who are Pangmi brothers.
The general question on beloved Pangmi brothers is, why they have gone too far against fellow Naga brothers mostly of Indian side Naga country. A clear line was drawn by them between two brothers and future generation should condemn them for all these acts. No one however strong he may be, cannot undo what have been done on fellow Naga by them. Now, let them do whatever they want without interference from fellow Nagas of Indian side. However, they should not miss the opportunity to regain lost territories. In the case of Nagas of Indian side, we have officially declared Naga Independence on 14th August 1947, 72 years ago which was reaffirmed by Naga National Plebiscite in 1951. At present, the political talk is on between the Nagas and India and expecting internationally acceptable solution sooner than later. While doing whatever they want to do, the Eastern Nagas need support and co-operation from western Nagas, and henceforth, they must stop attacking Naga leaders from Indian side but it is too late to realize because chain of relationship broken down beyond repairable never to return back again.

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