Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Wanching Village notifies on viral “diamond” video

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4 geologists assigned to investigate

Our Correspondent
KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 26: All that glitters may or may not be diamonds, but seek permission before you rush to our village, the Wanching Village Council (WVC) has warned.

All eyes are on the village of Wanching in Mon district of Nagaland with videos of “diamonds” being discovered there going viral on social media. In the videos, people are seen digging for crystal-like stones (minerals) in Wanching Village. Faced with the threat of a proverbial gold rush, or rather a diamond-rush in this instance, the WVC today issued a notification prohibiting anyone to post (on social media) anything regarding the “stones.”
It has further announced that no one from outside the village would be allowed to enter Wanching village in search of the stone. Moreover anyone seeking entry into the village has to seek clearance from the Village Council.
VDB Secretary of Wanching Village, Shijong said that people have a tendency to call anything that glitters and shines as diamond but it is not so, as clarified by the Chairman of the Village.
With regard to the notification issued by the WVC, he said, “If any dealer wants to come, they should have clearance from the Village Council.” “We are not assuming that the stones are anything precious or have any unique properties but we just want to prevent influx of visitors due to this news, especially keeping the threat of COVID-19 in mind.”
Meanwhile, the Nagaland Department of Geology and Mining have tasked Geologists ~ Abenthung Lotha, Longrikaba, Kenyelo Rengma and David Lhoupenyi ~ to investigate the issue and submit a status report at the earliest.