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Walkathon spreads awareness on eating right food not less

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Minister Phom calls for checking adulterated food products

Kohima, July 26: With a view to spread awareness not eating less but eating the right food for a healthy living, the Food Safety Authority (FSA), Nagaland under Department of Health & Family Welfare (HFW) today held Walkathon cum Eat Right Mela on the theme “Food safety is shared responsibility” in Kohima.
It was held as part of the “Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav” signifying 75 years of Indian Independence.
Addressing the flag off ceremony held at Classic Island, Minister for HFW S. Pangnyu Phom appealed to FSA Nagaland to cross-check every essential food that comes into the State and also the production which are made in the State for our consumption.
“The adulterated food items and other products must be properly checked by the FSA for everyone’s wellbeing,” he said.
The Minister further called for initiating strict action and imposition of penalty against the defaulters as per law.
Phom further suggested conduct of such events and awareness programmes in the grassroots level to serve the purpose of the Department and the FSA Nagaland to guide the citizens to choose the best and healthy food for longer and healthy life.
On the occasion, Minister Phom also urged upon to pledge to “Eat safe, eat healthy and eat sustainable”.
HFW Principal Director, Dr. K. Vikato Kinimi said that the Eat Right Movement is organized to disseminate information, awareness and to empower citizens for behavioral exchange towards healthy food including fortified food and take conscious decisions to support good health for a healthy Nation.
During the walkathon from Classic Island to St Peter’s School in Supply Colony, the participants, mostly composed of students, held banners and placards some of which read “Eat right, stay fit”, “You don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right”, “Eat fortified food” etc.
At St. Peter’s School, the Eat Right Mela was held with volunteers from FSA Nagaland and Centre of Health Research and Innovation, Delhi demonstrating simple measures to detect adulterated food products and also clarifying the myths about fortified food.
Pamphlets on healthy diet, effects of carbonated soft drinks or sweetened beverages, healthy & unhealthy foods, importance of reading food labels, preparing, cooking & serving food were also distributed during the Eat Right Mela.
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