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Walk outs by NPF reveals their double standards:NDPP


Dimapur, March 4: The NDPP, while appreciating the role of Opposition during the just concluded session of Nagaland Legislative Assembly, today said that having an active opposition bench is a pre-requisite for a government to function and deliver to the people.
It also appreciated Leader of Opposition, T R Zeliang for apologizing for his ‘sexist’ remark in his speech during the session.
As a leader of the people, one must take care of what one says keeping in mind issues that are sensitive to the society both inside as well as outside the NLA, be it in jest or otherwise, it said.
In a press release issued by its Media & Communication Committee, the NDPP termed the three walk-outs by the Opposition as unfortunate and said it has deprived the people from learning more about the activities of the government. The NDPP said the Opposition MLAs staged two walk outs on February 23 and 25 during Question Hour wherein they refused to listed to the answers to the questions they themselves had put to the government, thus also denying the people their right of knowing the activities of the government of the day.
“The two walk outs during question hour also revealed the double standards of the NPF,” it said.
The NDPP said the opposition NPF on February 22 and 26 allowed a particular Minister to give replies to starred and supplementary questions pertaining to another department other than his, having been authorized by the Chief Minister and Minister in-charge of that department but on February 23 and 25, when another Minister stood to reply to starred and supplementary questions pertaining to another department also duly authorized by the Chief Minister, the opposition began to object by questioning the validity of the authorization of the Chief Minister and staged walk outs despite the Deputy Speaker & Speaker in-charge giving detailed explanations under the “Rules of procedure of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly” as well as the Advocate General having given his statement to the House on the afternoon of the 23rd citing Article 164, clause (2) of the Constitution.
The NDPP also condemn3ed the attitude and behaviour of the opposition MLAs who abused and used derogatory terms against the Speakers chair, thus insulting the chair of the Speaker in-charge, the Deputy Speaker of the Nagalanld Legislative Assembly as they walked out of the House.
The decisions of the Speaker/Speaker in-charge are final and binding upon the Members of the House, it said.
The NDPP said the opposition NPF MLAs had lectured in length on the good governance policies of the PDA government but they have forgotten their policy of providing good governance to the people during their regime whereby they had the obstinacy to conduct a 10-minute Assembly session.
It further said the fact that the NPF have opposed the resolution of the Tribal Hohos by not having supported the resolution on the CAB that was tabled by the government and their continued opposition to Article 371A only exposes their intentions for the future of the people of Nagaland since the resolution brought by the government was in accordance with the resolution passed at the consultative meet held at Chummukedima on January 31 last that was attended by all Tribal Hohos, CSOs, prominent personalities of the State and political parties except the NPF and Congress.
” Posterity and the future Naga generations will remember this decision of the NPF for all time to come on how they have let the Naga people down by undermining the hard earned privileges and protections of the Naga people,” it said adding the NDPP and the PDA will never compromise our stand to fight for the rights and privileges of our people by protecting the provisions of Article 371A of the Constitution of India.
“It is incomprehensible of the continued stand of the opposition NPF that Article 371A does not protect us since without Article 371A, there is no Nagaland, there is no government and there is no Assembly, of which the opposition MLAs are very much a part of,” it further said.
On the NPF claim that Government of Mizoram had not objected to the CAB claiming the protection of Article 371G which is ditto Article 371A except the word “resources” being omitted from Section (a) clause iv, the NDPP said the opposition NPF failed to read a very pertinent part of that Article that differentiates it from Article 371A wherein the words “Provided that nothing in this clause shall apply to any Central Act in force in the Union territory of Mizoram immediately before the commencement of the Constitution (Fifty-third Amendment) Act, 1986;” has been inserted thus making it different from the provisions of Article 371A.
The NDPP termed it unfortunate that the NPF MLAs decided not to be a part of the resolution passed on the 25th of February 2019 on the CAB when even the former Chief Minister of Manipur, Ibobi Singh had acknowledged on the floor of the Manipur Legislative Assembly on March 2 that “Even though the Government of India may or may not pay any heed, the Nagaland State Assembly boldly adopted a resolution against CAB 2016…”.
The NDPP also puts on record its appreciation to the BJP, JD(U) and the Independent party along with their respective legislators that collectively make up the PDA for having wholeheartedly supported the resolution in rejecting the CAB on the grounds that Article 371A protects us from the said Bill.
The NDPP also congratulated Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio for having successfully passed a people’s budget for the year 2019-20 on February 26 that is people centric and youth oriented with a vision towards the all-round development of the State through transparency, accountability and good governance.
The NDPP also appreciated the participation and contributions of all the members of the PDA during the 3rd sitting of the 13th House of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly from the February 21 to 26 and acknowledged the address of Governor P B Acharya on February 21. (Page News Service)