Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Visienyü claims Kiruphema wrestling champion title

Kiruphema wrestling

Kohima, January 8: Veteran wrestler and former Naga Wrestle Mania light weight champion Megovizo Visienyü today emerged as the champion of the 45th Kiruphema wrestling championship 2020, Visienyü is also former KYO wrestling champion in the year 2014 & 2016.
Gracing the wrestling meet as special guest here at Kiruphema Basa, Rovilato Mor,IAS, Commissioner & Secretary, Work & Housing, Chairman Disaster Management, Govt. of Nagaland,said, it is a competition to promote young talents for prospect and is a contest to bring unity within the people of Kiruphema and outer surface, he also urged the youth to be disciplined, time management and to be proud of their talents. Speaking on the importance of health balance, Mor said healthy life can help us feel our best.
Expressing happiness over the participation of all wrestlers, he said “All players has added flavor to the championship meet and reveal a positive image of KYO amongst the sports fraternity “.
In senior category, Mhaneivito Kruneilie bagged in second position, Megotsolie Suohumvü and Vichasa Suohumvü were third and fourth respectively.
While in junior category, Kedovilhou Kruneilie emerged the champion, Vineikhozo Mor in second position, Kevimedo Zhünyü and Rokovisie Shosahie were awarded third and fourth correspondingly.
Altogether, 29 wrestlers participated the KYO wrestling championship this year with Kevichatha Suohumvü, Pelhouvisie Hozoyie, Metsilie Suohumvü and Thepfülhouto Zenyü-u as prize sponsors.
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