Friday, July 30, 2021

VHC members sensitized on health & wellness centres

Dimapur, February 15: A sensitization on health and wellness centres to VHCs members and Health Unit staff under Dimapur district was held at CMO’s office Dimapur today.
Dr. K Vikato Kinimi, Chief Medical Officer Dimapur as the chairperson briefly highlighted the 6 Sub-Centers newly upgraded to Health & Wellness Centers (H&WC). The 6 Sub centers are Pimla SC, Doyapur SC, Deizephe SC, Hovishe SC, Zukihe SC, and Hukai SC. He informed the VHC members and Health Unit Staffs that the success of the H&WC depends on the active participation and involvement of the communities and the Health Unit staffs.
He also warned that if the service delivery and performance of the newly upgraded H&WCs do not improve, the upgradation will be taken back and given to another Health Unit.
Dr. Antoly Suu, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dimapur, as resource person stated that it is a great privilege for Dimapur district and the selected Health Units to be upgraded to Health & Wellness Center. The H&WC is an upgradation from Sub-Center and will have more facilities, more staff, and better infrastructer. The new H&WC will provide services such as Blood Testing facility, screening for various Cancers such as Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, etc. and will also provide services related to Non-Communicable Diseases.
The H&WC will also have a Community Health officer who has undergone a special 6 months training to manage the center and will be a qualified person to handle any emergency situations where there is no doctor available. With the upgradation, labour rooms and additional rooms will also be constructed in centers where necessary.
Dr. Antoly Suu also highlighted on Ayushman Bharat Project and urged the VHC members to sensitize their communities. He urged them to check the beneficiary list and obtain the e-health card so as to avail the benefits. The e-health card can be obtain from District Hospital Dimapur, CHC Medziphema, CHC Dhansiripar, PHC Niuland, and PHC Kuhuboto.
The meeting was attended by the selected 6 Sub-Center VHC Committee members and Staffs. Other official includes Esther, DPM (NHM) Dimapur and Kimnei, DMO (NHM) Dimapur.
The Medical Officers of all the Blocks under Dimapur District were also sensitized on the new Health & Wellness Centers on February 12 at CMO’s Office, Dimapur. (Page News Service)