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‘Vertical Garden’ inaugurated near Urban Haat

vertical garden

Dimapur, May 29: Moatoshi Longkumer, Advisor for Labour, Employment & Skill Development, and Excise, on Monday inaugurated a ‘vertical garden’ near Urban Haat, Dimapur, and stated that it would be a landmark and a welcoming sight for visitors.
The garden, stationed adjacent to the Old Dhansiri Bridge and overlooks the Urban Haat, is made up of flowerpots and a series of bougainvillea creeping onto a fence among other plants.
Longkumer in his speech said that the garden represents the heart and soul of the city and described it as a testament of what people can accomplish when coming together for a common goal.
DMC Administrator W. Manpai Phom said that Dimapur and Kohima, in terms of air quality, have been listed among the non-attainment cities and various measures are therefore taken up under the National Clean Air Program (NCAP) and the garden is one of these for the city of Dimapur. He appealed to the citizen for the upkeep and better maintenance of the city so that it serves the purpose.
He noted that DMC is in the process to come up with a detailed project to bring about changes in waste management and other aspects and added that Dimapur is filled with garbage leading to clogged drains, flood, and water-borne diseases. He also mentioned that DMC has initiated improvement in waste management/collection system in two pilot wards.
Hukato Chishi, Member Secretary, NPCB, said that the idea behind the initiative is that every citizen should get clean air to breathe and hoped that in a year or two the place will have more greenery, adding that more greenery traps dust particles and makes the air cleaner.
He called for a lifestyle change that leads to environmental harm and appealed to the government to ban packaged drinking water bottles under 2 liters, citing that those make up most of the litters.
Constructed under NCAP, funded by Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change and executed by Team Better Dimapur in collaboration with DMC, Nagaland Pollution Control Board, and Inner Wheel Club, the motive behind the vertical garden is to provide green zone and pollution free area, as well as providing seating area for public to enjoy the aesthetic of landscape.
The motive behind this vertical garden is to provide green zone and pollution free area and also providing seating area for public to enjoy the aesthetic of landscape .
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