Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Venuzo Dawhuo retains Chakhesang wrestling champion title

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CWA champion Venuzo Dawhuo with other winners and officials. Morung Photo

Chozuba, February 9: Venuzo Dawhuo today retained the champion’s title at the 29th Wrestling Championship 2024 of the Chakhesang Wrestling Association (CWA) held at Chozuba town in Phek district.
Dawhuo secured the champion title for four consecutive time in a row with today’s win.
Hailing from Thenyizu village and representing Chokri Area Wrestling Association (CAWA), he pocketed a cash prize of Rs. 2.50 lakh.
Vemele Thingo from Thipuzu village, also representing CAWA bagged second position and awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 1.70 lakh.
Third place Rukukhoto Khusoh from Yoruba village, representing Chozuba Range Wrestling Association (CRWA) walked away with a cash prize of Rs. 1.30 lakh.
Hiiluyi D Vadeo from Sakraba village, representing Secheku Wrestling Association (SWA) bagged 4th place and awarded with Rs. 1 lakh.
Quarter finalists Kuluvezo Soho from Phek village representing Phek Area Wrestling Association (PAWA), Sao Vezhu from Khomi representing PAWA, Vekhosazo Dozo from Thuvopisu village representing CRWA and Pfusato Tetseo from Khulazu Bawu representing CAWA pocketed Rs. 15,000 each.
In Under 16 Catgegory, Khriethoveyi from Suthozu Nagwu representing CRWA emerged the champion title and awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 50,000.
Khruzo Tetseo from Khulazu Basa representing CAWA bagged second position and pocketed Rs. 30,000.
Niio Swuro from Porba representing SWA stood third position and awarded with Rs. 15,000.
Ngosa Tunyi from Kikruma representing CAWA bagged 4th position and awarded with Rs. 10,000.
PAWA won group champion and awarded with Rs. 20,000.
SWA has been declared as the best discipline team and received Rs. 10,000.
The meet was hosted by CRWA and Chozuba Town Bapt Church (CTBC) as ground management.
Nagaland Deputy Chief Minister (Home & Border Affairs), Yanthungo Patton graced the championship as the special guest while MLA & Advisor, CAWD & Taxes, Kudecho Khamo was the guest of honour.
Venuzo Dawhuo also fetched Lt. Chosanyi Rose memorial running championship belt alongwith Rs 20,000.
CWA president Vekhozo Ringa delivered presidential address while CWA assistant technical secretary Rudasa Ciirhah administered oath to the wrestlers.
Earlier, the championship torch was lit by first CWA Champion Pudusa Chizo.
Meanwhile, Vezohii Riiho and Kukhoto Venyo has been announced as the new president and general secretary respectively of CWA among the others.
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