Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Vasectomy Fortnight observed at Kohima

Nagaland News

Dimapur, December 2: Along with the rest of the country, Vasectomy Fortnight (November 21-December 4) was observed at the office of the Chief Medical Officer Kohima, Department of Health & Family Welare, NHM on the theme, “Now men will fulfill their responsibility and show their participation by Adopting Family Planning” on December 2.
A short programme was organized where CMO, Kohima, Dr. Tumchobeni chaired the programme and reminded the health provider as well as the frontline workers to generate demand by creating awareness in their colonies, wards etc during this vasectomy fortnight. DPO (UIP/RCH) Dr. Rupert Peseyie informed the participants present in the programme that, during this on-going Vasectomy fortnight, activities on basket of choices regarding Family Planning – Counseling of eligible couples, Fixed Day Services, Male Sterilization, Female Sterilization, IUCD, PPIUCD, PAIUCD, MPA, Injectables and dropback facilities are made aware by frontline workers and facility staff.
He also mentioned that during this period, Condom boxes are installed in all facilities and strategic locations ensuring awareness on family planning. The specific focus on condom distribution by ASHAs under HDC Scheme during the fortnight, also Assured Family Planning services including Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (Injectable MPA & IUCD) with special focus on Vasectomy. The programme was attended by Dy.CMO, Program Officers, DPM, DCM, BPM, ASHAs & AWW. (Page News Service)