Friday, June 18, 2021

Varun Grover writes an open letter, denies all charges of sexual harassment

Varun Grover

A few days back writer-lyricist-comedian Varun Grover was accused of ‘touching’ a fellow student inappropriately while studying at IT-BHU, Varanasi in 2001. Grover then refuted the anonymous accusation that surfaced on Twitter and called it completely “misleading” and “defamatory”. The lyricist has yet again denied being ‘involved in any such incident with anybody’ in his entire life.
In an open letter, Varun Grover has clarified that he had only 36 women studying with him in the university, out of which only four were a part of the theater group. And, according to him, all these four women not only expressed their solidarity but also checked with the remaining 32 if such an incident happened. All the women denied any such incident taking place ever.
The Sacred Games writer also mentioned that he supports the MeToo movement and called his case an isolated small one in a bigger wave. He wrote, “In the macro perspective, the wave is bigger and way more important than my isolated small case. Centuries of patriarchy and oppression have created a system that cannot be taken down through polite means.”
“I also understand that men have, throughout history, paid very little price even when found guilty while women have constantly suffered even by the faintest of rumours made on their character. A few factually inconsistent cases like mine won’t matter in the larger success of the movement,” he added.
But he also mentioned the effect the allegations have on him as it affects his “ability to take a social stand on every injustice I want to speak about.”
Just like before, the writer has said that he is ready for any sort of inquiry and is ready to present his case. He suggested, “No account should be stopped from being published because of its anonymity — but once fact-based counter-claims are made by the accused, the movement as a collective can perhaps make space for the intent to verify them.”