Varun Dhawan: Nowadays, everybody gets offended with everything

Varun Dhawan: Nowadays, everybody gets offended with everything

Actor Varun Dhawan, weighing in on the increased resistance against depiction of history on screen, says regardless of an artiste’s intentions, people tend to take offence one way or the other.
At the launch of Amish Tripathi’s book Suheldev & the Battle of Bahraich, Varun was asked if actors have become wary of taking up period films.
“Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword in our country. Certain sections become upset or they say, ‘We were not consulted before this happened’. Before I came (on the stage), I asked Amish if he got threats, but he told me nothing has happened. I think when you do it from a good space and clean heart, 90 per cent of the times no one will be offended. But in 2018, everyone is offended with everything. Someone might see my shoe lace is open and take offence with it that I came to launch a book with my shoe laces open,” Varun said.
The actor emphasised that controversies around historical films will not deter him from signing a project if it comes his way.
“No not really. I think if you are fearful then you can’t achieve greatness. You have to take on fear head on. That’s what Amish has been doing, 20-25 per cent of our population is tribal and different castes and it is not represented that much in our literature or films,” he said.
At the launch, Varun was also asked if there is someone he would like to play on screen. The actor said although he is averse to the idea of biopics, if given a chance, he would love to tell the story of his father, director David Dhawan’s life.
“If I have to do a biography on someone, it would be my dad. I think it would be about his early life, till the time he didn’t have me,” said the actor.
He added, “Whenever I am offered a biopic, I get scared. Most of the times, I don’t want to do one. I approach even my fictional characters as biopic characters.”