Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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UZYF ultimatum to state Govt relating to 22nd March incident

The United Zeliangrong Youth Federation (UZYF) would like to once again call to your attention and reiterate our support of the various demands, placed before the Government for justice, by our Apex organisation vis-à-vis land encroachment and violence in Zeliang Land under Peren District. As you are well aware of the horrific incidents that had taken place in our land, it is pertinent to take remedial measures at the earliest lest it aggravates the already volatile atmosphere.
However, having witnessed the slow progress of the investigation into the horrific massacre of three innocent souls on the fateful day of 23rd March 2021, we the Apex Youth Organisation would like to place our demand before you, to immediately evict all unrecognised and illegally established villages in the land of the Zeliangs under Peren District. This is the only logical and practical step to end all animosity and violence prevailing in our land by unscrupulous persons.
Pioneers of the present Nagaland State had, in the 16th Point Agreement, meticulously inserted clause No.7 which was later enshrined in Article 371(A) of the Indian Constitution. And this Article has given the Nagas the right to practice its own customary law and procedures and further ownership and transfer of land and its resources. So it is the practice and procedure of the Nagas to seek the permission of the original land owner to set up a village as there is no tract of land which is “No Man’s Land” or a land without owner.
In keeping with this practice Shri. Kiavi had in 1939 sought permission from Lamhai people and set up a village in between Mhainamtsi village and Heningkunglwa village. However, by early 1970s trouble started brewing and Kiavi villagers petitioned that they shift the village to a different location as they were adamant not to pay ‘rampua’ (Land tax) to the original land owners for carrying out terrace and jhum cultivation. So on 2nd September 1977, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Peren had recommended to the Deputy Commissioner of Kohima for shifting Kiavi village citing in it all the reasons and causes for the recommendation. And subsequently, by 1979 all inhabitants of Kiavi deserted the village and the village Church building was the only standing structure visible. They left Kiavi and in exchange set up the present Kiyeto Village near Doyapur with shifting permission from the government.
With the leaving of the Kiavi villagers, there was no longer trouble of any kind related to land and boundary. However, by mid 1980s a few vested individuals without any permission or knowledge of the land owner came and resettled at the same location, under the village name “Kiyevi” and gradually expanded and claimed over vast tracts of land thus creating unwanted trouble and violence in the area. In time the issue escalated due to rampant establishment of villages, claiming it to be within the jurisdiction of ‘Kiyevi’ village and in some case outrageously claiming that it is a ‘No Man’s Land’. The present settlers even sold out land and its resources to underground leaders and politicians unabated.
These few renegades without any regard for law and respect to fellow beings have time and again used gun wielding goons to terrorise and murder the Zeliangs and got away with impunity. The indigenous inhabitants of Peren District have always placed our faith in the government to deliver justice and also to put a stop to the rampant encroachment and destruction of the forest to set up illegal villages. However, due to inaction by the State machineries, these unethical land grabbers like cancer cells have effortlessly managed to set up numerous illegal villages under the patronage of some well to do individuals and those having easy access to machine guns.
In light of the above stated facts, we would like to demand that all the villages established illegally in Zeliang Land viz Kiyevi, keyivi B (Kehoi), Pushito, Vihuto Hetoi officers village and Jacob Village established without the knowledge and consent of the original landowners be evicted within a period of 30 days’ time. Failing to take this action would mean the incapability and paralysis of the governance and we would be forced to take up measures to protect our land by any means. Any untoward incidents resulting as a result of our action shall be solely the responsibility of the Government.
UZYF Media Cell